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We'd like to initiate an automated response to applicants after they've applied to a posted position on our website. Does anyone have some suggested wording beyond "Thank you for submitting your resume to xyz"?


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  • Points to hit:

    • Thanks for your interest in our company
    • We will be reviewing applications in x time frame
    • Our next steps will be
    • We will notify you one way or the other
    • All applications will be maintained in our "active" directory for x months.
  • Thank you for the feedback!
  • No matter what you choose to put on this automated response, make sure you follow through with those things.  If you decide to put that you will get back to all candidates then make sure that you do.  Otherwise you will have candidates calling you saying that they received an email saying someone would contact them no matter what if they were selected or not.
  • This is what I use.  I learned that the more detailed you are in your response the fewer follow up calls you receive from applicants.  By clearly stating that you will only be called if you are qualified and consired for an interview, you will not have to call those who do not fit the requirements.  I have received over 800 resumes in 1 week for a position and this automated response has reduced the amoutn of calls from applicants significantly. It also lets them know that our interviewing process is very selective and if they are contacted they are prepared for what is to come. 


    "Thank you for your interest in (company).  Your resume will be carefully reviewed and we will contact you should your skills and experience match our requirements.

    If you are considered for an interview we will call you directly to schedule the first meeting. We have a thorough 3-step interview process that is set up as followed:

    1. Interview with Human Resources, completion of application and pre-employment testing.

    2. Interview with Manager/Director.

    3. Final Sit-Down: Interview with CEO/ President.

    If you are not contacted for an interview, please know that we will keep your resume on file for a period of 6 months to be considered for future openings.

    Thank You,
    Human Resources"

  • We use "thank you for your interest in xyz"  - I have a question below (Underlined)

    We understand that with unemployment so high, there have been a few incidents where applicants are filing complaints against companies for not being considered for jobs that were advertised, where some of the qualifications were met.  In the past our standard response was:

    Thank you for your interest in .......    At the current time we do not have any openings that are commensurate with your skills and qualifications.  We appreciate your interest in our company.  We will retain your resume for six months in the event a position becomes available that more closely meets your background and experience.

    We wish you success in your employment endeavors.

    My department believes that these letters are too harsh in light of today's economy and market and have recommended the following statement:

    Although we are impressed with your abilities and accomplishements, we have decided to continue our search.  We will retain your resume for 6 months in the event that a more appropriate career opportunity becomes available.

     My struggle with this is, if we are impressed, why did we not conduct a phone screen, bring them in to interview etc. I believe that opens us to more complaints, etc.   

    Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.




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