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  • Our health insurance benefits start 30 days after the start date.
  • Thank you TXHRGuy.  I appreciate your help.  I will follow-up with our attorney.   
  • Along this line, can an ex-employee ask to have copies of previous reviews?  I am in Pa and just read the chart on BLR website that tells what documents they can access.  But this is a situation where they are now not working for the company.
  • We, too, are considering an HSA.  I read an article some time ago which said HSA's are not the best option for single women in companies.  I cannot remember what the reasoning was for this.  Does anyone have a comment or idea on this topic?  I think…
    in HSA Comment by holein1 December 2007
  • I agree, the network is definitely the most important, or you will have many unhappy employees and sometimes more problems.
  • We are a Construction Company with approx. 110 employees.  We have 1 person for HR, we outsource IT and we have 4 people in accounting, 1 Controller and 1 CFO.  Hope this helps.
  • I am interested in team building activities.  I like kldrake's suggestions.  I am looking for more as well, if anyone can help.