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  • We require our employees to provide a copy of the orders when they will miss time due to military training. We also ask them to bring in a copy of their pay so we can subsidize the missed time.
  • We generally require the employee to use paid time (vacation, PTO, etc). Once they have used all paid time and are still not able to return to work, we follow the normal attendance policy.
  • Our company always give the employee a copy of their written discipline, regardless of the reason.
  • We have a 6 month leave of absence, regardless if its WC or medical. Employess can either return to regular, full time position or we also have a limited duty program as well. All employees on leave are required to pay for their health inurance prem…
  • Does your company have a leave of absence policy (other than FML)? We allow a maximum of a 6 month leave of absence that applies to all employees regardless if they are eligible for FML.
  • Just because someone looks fit, doesn't mean that they are healthy.
  • The employee has not met the 1250 hours for the 2nd surgery. He did however meet the requirement for the 1st surgery. We use a calendar year and still has FML hour available. He was released to come back to work with a couple of follow-up appointmen…
  • Thanks for the adivce. Most likley they will need to recertify since they are both now in excess of what they are approved for. I will definatly send the doctor their attendace. Both have missed the last two Mondays and Tuesdays. Its just frustratin…
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  • I checked with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services on this issue. If an employee changes their name due to marriage, divorce, etc you are not required to change their I-9 form. If you choose to do so, this needs to be done in Sect…
  • We have the applicant sign the application when/if they are brought in for an interview.
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) recently published guidance regarding H1N1 and its relationship to the ADA.3 Whether someone infected with H1N1 has a disability under the ADA depends upon the severity and length of illness. The…
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  • Nebraska - Does not have any specific laws. We are certainly accomdating pumping requests, but I'm just wondering if the time spent, outside of regular breaks, can be counted towards their annual FML entitlement.
  • Time pent expressing breast milk
  • The situation was just the flu. We've actually had 2 employees in the same week have this scenario. One paperwork said 2-3 days and another said 3-5 days. The first employee only missed 1 day and the second employee missed 2 days. Both did receive a…
  • Just to make certain - if the paperwork states off work 3-5 days but the employees only misses 1 day but continue their medication the FML should be approved.