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  • We have provided flu shots onsite at corporate headquarters for over 15 years, and currently have about 75% participation.  The company pays the total cost for the employees' shots, and also for flu shots for the immediate family.  It really doesn't…
  • Karen,  My first reaction was to email you samples of what we use, but they are very time-consuming, and you requested something that the managers will take the time to do.  The SHRM store on the SHRM website has quite a few good books that will hel…
  • If an employee requests to leave, that is quitting in my books, which does not allow them to collect unemployment.  If the foreman gives them a RIF when you are not actually reducing your workforce, that is considered fraudulent in the eyes of the D…
  • Your topic title of Joint Employment confuses me a little.  Are the people being paid by your company?  If so, I don't see how they can be considered joint-employees.  Under the IRS 20-Question Test, it doesn't appear to me that they could be anythi…