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I'm interested in knowing how many companies offer flu shots to their employees? Do employees pay part of the cost, all of the cost or none? Are they given on-site? Obviously, they can't be mandatory, so approx. what percentage of your employees take the flu shot?



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  • We have 6 sites throughout the US.  We offer on-site flue shots at all our locations.  The shots are fully company paid.  We average approximately 70% participation.  In the past, we have used a national provider for the shots at all the locations.  Last year we found that some local doctor's offices at some of our sites offer this benefit, on-site and cheaper than the national provider. 
  • We have provided flu shots onsite at corporate headquarters for over 15 years, and currently have about 75% participation.  The company pays the total cost for the employees' shots, and also for flu shots for the immediate family.  It really doesn't pay to give Dad his flu shot and then have him stay home to take care of Mom and the kids when they get the flu!  Experience has shown that we increase participation by serving food!  You only get the pizza if you get your flu shot!  At our satellite locations, we haven't found anyone to give the shots onsite.  Therefore we will reimburse any employee up to $20.00 if they bring in the receipt for getting their flu shots.  Again, we provide the same for the immediate family.



  • We offer flu shots to employees as well. In general, if an employee is covered under the company's insurance, the cost of the shot is covered. Others can pay for the shots (approximately $25) including family members. I like the pizza idea to increase participation. In the end, keeping employees well is what's best for the company. The flu can keep them out of work for a week or longer--multiply by a bunch of employees and things can come to a screeching halt!

  • My company offers flu shots, 100% paid by the company done on site by our local Visiting Nurses Association (VNA).  If they can't make the flu clinic held at the office, we supply them with a voucher to obtain it at another VNA clinic held elsewhere.

  • We do flu shots every year.  We have around 360 employees and about 100 participate. There is no cost to the employee and we do them on-site.
  • We offer Flu Shots to all of our employees for a minimal fee (just to keep them honest about showing up to get the shot) of $3.00, then we allow spouses on our insurance plan to get the shots for $5.00 and all others $20.00.  Still beats the heck out of going to a clinic and paying $35.00 a head for family members.  We get about 65% participation.  There are still people out there who think that Flu Shots cause the flu.  We've actually mandated this program globally and it is a much more appreciated service by the company in other countries such as Mexico, the UK, and Slovakia.
  • We provide company-paid flu shots but our participation has been low (we have a lot of field people and the timing hasn't worked out well).  This year we are trying something different. A pharmacy 3 blocks away offers the shots - we will reimburse employees for their co-pay ($10 because it's treated like a drug). That way we aren't tied to the schedule of the provider who was coming to our office.
  • Just be prepared for complaints if the pharmacy runs out of vaccine, has long lines, or has inconvenient times for the shots (i.e., during work hours). 

    and will you let employees take paid time off to walk the 3 blocks to get a shot during work hours? That may come up.

  • Our building management company brings in a medical company to do this.  They charge $25.  I'd estimate only about 20% of our staff get them.
  • I am in healthcare and we do offer flu shots and pay for them in full.  Approx. 70% recieve the shot.
  • We have a visiting nurse service do this, is free to employees, and about 40-50 percent of the employees take advantage.
  • As a member of our local county chamber of commerce, we can get flu shot for employees onsite through the visiting nurse association.  This year the cost is $30, which we are splitting with employees.  They can also bring in relatives if they pay the $30.

  • We also offer flu shots. Employees insured by the company get them free and other get them for a small amount like $25 or $30.
  • I'm glad you posted this question.  We are the lead non-profit, religious employer on an isolated campus that includes two other similar employers.  Traditionally, I arrange for the flu shots and we have paid in full for our employees, billing back the apportioned rate to the other two.  But this year the occupational health firm wants a $20 guarantee per shot, with 50 shots minimum.  Previously it was about $12-15, depending on vaccine costs and no minimum. Last year, betwen all three agencies, we had 42 participants.  This year, we have no funds to pay the costs for employees and the county health department is providing shots at $6 per for anyone in a risk category. 

    Is it worth the time and effort to arrange this?  Should I guarantee less than the 42, assuming that folks will prefer to go to their own doctor and pay $10 copay instead, or go to the county health dept?   


  • We also have flu shots available for all those who would like to have one.  The visiting nurses association (VNA) provides the service for us and any cost not covered by insurance is picked up by the company.  There is generally a 2 to 3 hour window of time in the middle of the day for those choosing to get the shot.  Last year spouses and preschool children were also given the shot if they so chose.  Because the shots are given in the middle of the day, most school age children were not available to have them.
  • We offer flu shots and we pay for them for employees but they have to pay if a family member take them. We givem them onsite. We have about 60% participation.

  • This is similar to the problem I have (which is why I started the thread). I have a few employees that want the flu shot onsite, but not enough to match the guarantee required by groups that give shots from this area. Some are getting it from their own doctors, some are standing in line at Safeway or Giant, and some just refuse to take it. Plus, we are a multi-location company with only about 75 employees at location 1, 60 employees at location 2, 3 employees at location 3 and 8 employees at location 4. The employees at location 1 and 2 are on three different shifts, so the population present at any one time is between 10 and 30. Most of the companies I've called want a guarantee of at least 30, which I cannot guarantee, so I'm stuck.
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