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  • We did a survey of companies in the area. We took their vacation, sick time and any other time off they offered and we are very competitive. It does seem like a lot of time off but we really don't have more time off than other companies. It is so…
    in Pto Comment by jhtnc August 2010
  • Our employees like it although some do not manage their time well and end up having to take days without pay for sickness. We discourage this and if it continues to happen we will put someone on probation for this. We allow accrual of PTO before it…
    in Pto Comment by jhtnc August 2010
  • We will take Friday and then give a floating day that must be used between Dec. 20 and March 31of the following year.
  • Sorry, guys. That is a very common phrase at least I've heard it for many years. It is a retention agreement for a certain amount of time. If you will stay with the company for 3 months or 6 months or whatever amount of time to help the company t…
  • There are several messages on this topic in this forum, You'll find your answer there.
  • I would like a copy also when you have time. Thanks - [email]jturner@tgic.com[/email]
  • Thanks for the advice. I'm not sure how it figured into my question that we go on site to this company. We don't do that at all. We handle business in our corporate offices for many companies and this one company has made this request of those in…
  • Do you have any employees who have worked there for a long period of time and didn't sign any such document when they were hired? I am comfortable with all the newer employees who completed an application -- my issue is we didn't have that on our f…
  • Not sure what we'll do if we find something. One of the companies with which we do business has asked us to have a background check on the employees who deal with their business. We are trying to accommodate them.
  • Would you mind sharing them? Please send to [email]jturner@tgic.com[/email]. Thanks.