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  • Paul, are you practicing your deletions, or what?
  • To add to what NeedCoffee said, the issue was that the client's customers couldn'nt understand the bilingual employees because of poor grammar and wanted some insight on what to do. The thread was originated by someone in Texas and was a new thread …
  • James, the original version by Richard (not Chuck) Berry is much easier to decipher.
  • Very good, Whirlwind. And the Indiana Governor thought the lyrics were dirty.
  • Ray, it was Beep Beep by the Playmates. Weren't you listening? OK, here you go: On that ship I dream she there. I smell the rose in her hair. See Jamaica moon above. It won't be long I see me love. I'll take her in my arms and then, I'll tell her …
  • The Playmates. They were a former comedy group out of Canada.
  • Take out the papers and the trash. Or you don't get no spending cash.
  • Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?
  • Whirlwind, now that you put it like that, Walmart is looking better to me now.
  • Gee, let me see, crash the ladies' cruise or go to Walmart? Tough choice.
  • Not really, swynia, he just uses words that the rest of us folk with normal educations and upbringings don't understand.
  • Christy, can you clarify your answer. First you AGREE with Paul, but your explanation seems to DISAGREE with Paul. Here's my take. If the employer has a written policy on workplace conduct,and tardiness and excessive absences are part of the workpl…
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  • Nae, thank you, thank you, thank you!! We can all move up to the new one now!
    in hr iq Comment by LarryC March 2006
  • And admire the fine oil paintings in James's office.
    in # of posts Comment by LarryC March 2006
  • Hey, hey, Paul. I would only be conducting my charity as per the norm established by the well known charities. Just give me the $250 and I'll get "started".
  • That's pretty accurate, Whirlwind. In addition they have crazy eyes which mirrors they're behavior. After flying they don't land; they crash. They go to great effort to poop, pick it up in their beaks, and fly to the nearest birdbath to deposit what…
  • I vote for the "LarryC of MN 10,000 Foundation" to correct the 10,000 injustices that are taking over our state: 1. The diversion of good corn crop away from Jim Beam distilleries and into wasteful biodeisel fuel. 2. Replace the Loon as our state …
  • Whether it's a game, a sport, or a forum, there are rules that the participants have to follow. And they're not that hard to understand. Plus they leave plenty of room for spirited, heated and passionate discussion, discourse, argument, and even in…
  • "Responding to them is pointless." This reinforces one of my favorite pieces of advice I ever received, "Never get in a pissing contest with a skunk because even if you win, you'll smell like you lost."
  • AluminumBoy was a paper bully with lots of bluster and not much else. He was short lived.
  • Over the past several months I've noticed three things: 1. The migration of some excellent people out of the forum. Good bye and good luck. 2. The addition of some excellent people to the forum. Welcome! 3. The return of some excellent people bac…
  • Thanks, everyone. I like Andrea's answer and will try it the next time I get some. Hell, I might even pronounce it right.
    in Boudain Comment by LarryC August 2006
  • That's OK, Lenetta. I think the two answers are competent because they know what it is. The boudain I got had pork, pork liver, and rice as the main ingredients. I boiled like I'd boil brats (in beer and onions)and it fell apart. There has to be be…
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  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-28-06 AT 06:03AM (CST)[/font][br][br]Irene, are you still mad because I juggle kittens. By the way, I'm up to four now.
  • Good idea, Lenetta. Maybe that's why mine didn't go over so well. Plus the damn cat was mad that I took her litter box for a day.
  • Leo, you were right. The fried rice is excellent!! I actually found the Success Rice at the local food store, as an added bonus.
    in Fried Rice Comment by LarryC July 2006
  • Leo, what is Success Rice? Here in the Land of 10,000 Wild Rice Patties Most of Them Unsuccessful, we've never heard of Success Rice.
    in Fried Rice Comment by LarryC July 2006
  • Paul, you cut me to the quick!! Guiness is a fine beer, me lad. I don't know about brownies though. You sure, hjones? I'd probably just drink it as I was making the brownies and have the other five when the brownies are done. I need to gain my weig…
  • What's a Vegan? Is that like a vegetarian?