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  • Bruschetta - generally an appetizer - little pieces of toasted bread topped with seasoned tomatoes & sometimes a bit of cheese. YUMMY!!!
  • Sounds great! I make something similar to this - little smokies wrapped in bacon & drizzled with brown sugar & maple syrup - then baked until the bacon is crisp. Yummy!!!!
  • I had always heard that Mint Juleps were nasty drinks. My neighbor (who hails from Kentucky) prepared one for me over the 4th, although not as beautifully as Lt. Gen. Buckner. It was YUMMY! This post makes my mouth water! =P~
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  • Drop kind of dumplings are definitely the best!
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  • Oh my God, Don D! You've not LIVED until you've had pork, sauerkraut & dumplings!!! My grandmother makes it with pork roast instead of chops & there's nothing better (assuming you like sauerkraut, of course!) Just cook it at someone else'…
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  • You know, that's a good question. I don't poke holes in my brats either. I would be left to assume that the beer CAN soak through the skin...?
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  • I can't believe I'm jumping into this, but here goes!!! Don D - try dipping those Spam slices in egg and cracker crumbs before frying them. I'm not a big Spam-fan, but my parents swear by it (like you only twice a year). Secondly, you don't just…
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  • >Splenda, shplenda!< I'm not on Adkins or any other diet, but I LOVE Splenda! Sacchrin and all of that other stuff just can't be dandy for you. Plus, this stuff just tastes better. I read about a study once on the effects of saccarin in Tr…
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  • Try using Splenda in place of sugar. I'm not on the low-carb thing, but I believe it's allowed on your diet. Made a cherry pie with it a few weeks ago & couldn't tell the difference!!!
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  • It's okay, Beagle.....I'll eat PB & pickle, but the thought of putting mayo or lettuce on it grosses me out!
  • Speaking of peanut butter combo sandwiches....anybody else do a peanut butter & pickle? (Sweet pickles, not dill.) Add an even layer of thin-sliced sweet gherkins to your PB sandwich - yummy! My grandma used to make these for me when I was a …
  • Sounds delicious! Great way to use up all of those tidbits I've saved. Forgive me if this is obvious, but what is Tony's seasoning?
  • Nothing like a splash of Grand Marnier in a margarita - makes it smoooooooth! Yummy! =P~
  • Great! Thanks!
  • I, unfortunately, know the feeling..... xpray
  • Odd question, but where did you find the Mexican jumping beans? I haven't seen those since I was a kid!
  • I love it! That's similar to my favorite quote from Office Space... "I did nothing all day...and it was everything I thought it could be."
  • No need to apologize - you certainly have not offended me. Just a bunch of us sharing our own personal takes on politics these days. Have a great four-day weekend!
  • Not lost my sense of humor, but generally feel that these things are more heavily weighted toward the left side than the right. I also feel as though the right are often labeled as "haters" or "dividers" when we show our sense of humor in this way.…
  • If the Democrats spent as much time working on policy as they apparently do on "cutesy" bumper sticker slogans, they might have a chance in November.
  • C'mon McMel - you're telling me you don't like Caddyshack?????
  • Yes, I was saddened to hear that we lost Rodney. Truly one of our classics. I also was sad to hear about Gordo Cooper's passing a day or so ago. "Go, Hot Dog, GO!!!!!!!"
  • Last time I checked, neither Rwanda nor Sudan was nearing the ability to lob a nuclear or biological weapon at our interests/friends nearby. You don't think Saddam would have?
  • Several people seemed to think this was an odd problem - we did call Maytag & they pretty much told us to stick it. I was quite surprised. We had one other opportunity to call them - the motherboard in the washer went out a month or so after w…
  • Forgive me if I'm hijacking the thread, but - what brand of front-load washer did you buy? I have a set of Maytag Neptunes & they SUCK! I have never seen clothes come out of a washer so wrinkled in my life & they don't fall out in the drye…
  • To anyone who truly believes there are no, nor ever have been any WMDs - are you kidding? I'm not trying to be a smart-aleck, but seriously - the man has VX gas, mustard gas, other various gasses & toxins & uses them freely. You don't thin…
  • I've always thought dishonesty & deception were "irrelevant distractions." Really - Kerry is running scared, otherwise there wouldn't be such a furor over a couple of ads.
  • Its stretched out for me, too. Don't know. The "clean Marine" of the right stuff days sure has changed his tune over the years, hasn't he?
  • I assume you mean that Bush's service is less important than Kerry's. Why is that? As for the rest of my post, I don't intend to speak directly to your points, but rather make a general point of my own. I've found it amusing that the same peopl…