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  • If I got the email I must have deleted it or our new spam filter took it. I don't have a subscription but my boss does so what do I need to do, who do I call or who do I email? I rarely post (mostly only when I find something offensive and feel a …
  • I love fried rice and this is pretty much the same way I fix mine except I use Mahatma Jasmin rice, it is simply the best white rice I've ever had AND it's wayyyyyyyy low in sodium.
    in Fried Rice Comment by JudyT929 July 2006
  • >Apparently they are some genetic mix of a >honeygold and a mystery species that was grown >at some university in the 60s. I think aliens >were involved. > > IF they have what was grown at a lot of universities in the 60s …
  • I was actually able to follow this thread from tater salad and BBQ to the Salt Lick (Whirlwind if I had a car and could drive I'd love to come!) then Pee Wee Herman and weed got involved along with tequila shots and long necks (yes Don I'd prefer t…
  • This made me think of Robert Earl Keen and the song "Barbeque" for some reason. Now I've got to find someone to take me to lunch for bbq and potatoe salad.
  • "It's ok to lean left." DON said it! 'Bout time you figured that out! These sound DELISH!
  • Could I just order 2 loaves and have it shipped? Sounds great guess I gots to find me a Jewish bakery.
  • Ever since I saw the movie of the same name I've wanted to try fried green tomatoes maybe now I can make my own. Thank you they sound delish!
  • If you put the moonpie in the fridge for awhile it tastes a lot better. Course I think all chocolate tastes better cold or frozen. I'm not a fan of any cola except maybe diet Dr P but they all taste pretty much the same to me. And I agree with Do…
  • How does eating cake help take off a few pounds? I want to try that diet.
    in Spice Cake Comment by JudyT929 May 2005
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-02-05 AT 04:37PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Probably just needed to drink more beer, mmmm beer, it's not just for breakfast anymore!
  • Been there DONE THAT! unfortunetly...phewww open da windows
  • When frying french fries in a skillet on the stove and you start a fire do not let your 21 year old bare chested husband try to put out the fire with water. Amazing that marriage lasted 5 years.
  • I'd definetly eat seafood and lovvve bbq shredded pork sandwich with an ice cold beeeer, but I think only Dr Seuss and his friend Sam eat green eggs (and ham).
  • Color is VERY important! Would you eat blue mash potatoes or green ketchup? I wouldn't.
  • Scrambled eggs are my favorite comfort food any time of the day or night. Sometimes mac n cheese (nothing fancy) works, and sometimes just a peanut butter (NO jelly) sandwich and a glass of milk. Actually a glass of milk with each of these makes t…
  • This does sound good but when I want comfort food I want it NOW. So just open a box of mac n cheese then I add a drained can of tuna and a drained can of peas and I'm comforted in about 20 minutes flat. Great hangover comfort...
  • haha well since my mom is 82 and lives in Florida I'm pretty sure I'm not your daughter. x:D
  • OH MY! How dare you mess with perfection! About the only traditional thing I do is eat traditional green bean casserole, I would never ever add icky cheese to it, maybe a little soy sauce (very little) but that's it. x0:)
  • This sounds good, but a LOT of work. Think I'll just have some khalua and milk and a chocolate bar and be done with it.
  • I thought the only exit was overboard? Of course you have to have celery to much on with a bloody mary, makes it an even healthier drink. On the cruise we shall have bloody bam! mary's at 10 am daily, followed by aerobics. (course I'll just be …
  • Oh man! it's been years since I've had a bloody mary! (excuse me if that should be capitalized...) since I turned into a wino. But this sounds sooooo good! I have a bottle of ketel one in the freezer, for when my ex comes in town, so I may just ha…
  • hahaha Bacon Cheese chicken doesn't interest me but meth and sex toy shops in Nebraska! Too Funny! Are the toys shaped liked cows?
  • "CAUTION: This recipe will cinch a proposal of marriage, patch up an argument, and/or jump-start your sex life." Maybe this explains why 2 different men I went out with in the past year cooked a pork loin roast for me. I suspect they were interest…
  • I've always been a brat, a military brat anyhow, and no I'm not edible.
    in BRATS Comment by JudyT929 February 2005
  • I really like the part "Take a sip of a cold dry white wine." and the part about "add the vegetables and move a couple of times," can you move any way you want? I think I'll sit with the spectators and drink wine! I volunteer to do the dishes …
  • I'm just opposed to guns, I don't like them for any reason. As far as the fish story, I love fish to eat and I just don't think fish have feelings but maybe thats just me. Guns just scare the heck out of me. In the beginning of December my sist…
  • I'm not opposed to eating meat just the hunting of the animals with guns. It's the guns I don't care for. Now if you wanted to hunt with a bow and arrow that seems fair to me. My sister is a dairy farmer in Pennsylvania and she assures me that ch…
  • Well I'm apposed to hunting (surprise surprise) but since you didn't get to murder any defenseless doves I think this sound like a great menu and a wonderful day. Lucky you.
  • I don't make chili, I make reservations. x:D