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  • I had always gone by the Federal statutes on this issue. Does anyone happen to know what the Missouri statute is on this issue?
  • Unless your policy states otherwise, Holiday pay is paid at normal sraight time and therefore because a day off was taken in the same week, this would not constitute more than 40 hours worked in the week. Therefore no overtime requirement (time and …
  • I am in Missouri as well - no additional leave past the 12 weeks is required here. Thank your lucky stars - I also administer leave for our ees in California. x:'( I'd say about 90% of my pregnant ees take the full 12 weeks after the child is born.
  • If your VP is working (and telecommuting is workable in his area), then FMLA wouldn't apply. We have had employees request working from home in lieu of using FMLA time - we will generally allow it, however we have some areas where telecommuting jus…
  • It is very frustrating when you KNOW that one of your employees is "milking" the system - amazing how many have dramatic recoveries when their 12 weeks is up!
  • My desire on this particular situation would be to classify this as a "reduced schedule leave" (FMLA)and to allow the individual the time off to care for the ill child. My understanding is that you can change the FLSA status to "non-exempt", and pay…
  • I have worked for several years (and had great success) with Clarence M. Kelley and Associates. They are based in Kansas City, MO, but I understand that they work nation-wide. Take a look at their website - [url][/url].
  • Another idea..........once it is shown that the employee has changed/improved the behavior behind the warning, a memo from his/her manager is placed in the file recognizing that accomplishment. Many of my managers prefer doing this - they're afraid…
  • I completely agree with Don D!!! Call the police & get this guy out the door! This situation has all the markings of a Lifetime movie of the week! :-S
  • The other Teresa is absolutely right. Our in-house legal department drafted the forms we use now and we do use different forms for different states, over 40 vs. under 40, etc. Your attorneys should definitely review/adjust this before you use it. …
  • Our release/severance agreements have all of that information included in the same document - the last paragraph refers to the consideration timeframe & seven day revocation period. We verbally inform exiting employees that we will hold the sig…