More Apologies Demanded

"Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 and the attacks and prepared for war. Liberals saw the savagery... and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding to our attackers."
-- Karl Rove, presidential adviser


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  • ...and Senator Clinton is demanding that Governor Pataki apologize for Rove's remarks.
  • ...and I am demanding an apology for any future personal attacks that you band of ruffians may inflict or the peace loving contributors of this board. Oh yes, you know who you are.

    #1 thing a consultant shouldn't say: "I could tell you the answer right now, but we're committed to a three month project..." #-o
  • We could use this to incite war on Rove??? What inflamatory idiocy!
  • What I really found offensive this week was the way Ted Kennedy so unprofessionally unloaded on the Secretary of Defense. Regardless of his differences with the man's action plan or lack of one, those comments were so far out of line as to be bizarre. What a grandstander. I applaud Rummy for not leaving his table and slapping Kennedy sideways.
  • How dare he open his mouth to say such a thing! That's really bringing the country together. I dare say that those most directly impacted by 9/11 were liberals, being that loss of life occurred in NY, and Washington. We have got to stop this stuff -- conservative and liberal are not dirty words.
  • Welcome back Dasher. I like you more and more every time you post. x:-)
  • Okay, Don, but you do know that I am referring to Rove -- don't you?

    I actually thought Kennedy was right about his comments to the Secretary.
  • I didn't get to hear it, but I understand that the next day the Laura Ingram radio show was hilirous and hit right on the mark making fun of Kennedy and his remarks (thowing in comments about "water" etc.)
    E Wart
  • The problem with Rove is that I can't listen to him without my eyes rolling (counterclockwise) uncontrollably over the inane, asinine, absolutely f***ing STUPID comments that seem to roll trippingly off his tongue like so much 10W30 out of a dirty oil pan!!

    Dasher is right. This is not liberal, it's not conservative... and Rove should be smart enough (although it's obvious he isn't)

    I think Rove should apologize for being a bleeding, four-flushing, monkey-gaming, horizon-screwing, animal-dumbing, - sorry - just insert everything Chevy Chase called his boss in "Christmas Vacation" and insert it here!
  • Is there anything else you can post that will paint you more completely as a socialist/communist-leaning liberal? I think you have pretty completely done that. But, perhaps you could add more just in case somebody out there hasn't got a good grip on your politics. Life is not a Chevy Chase movie except in Oregon perhaps.
  • Right. As I grew up I learned to love the Communist system through the readings of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and his enthralling, fun-loving books, such as "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" and "The Gulag Archipelago."

    Gimme a break, Don!
  • I'll give you the same break you gave Rove in your post number 7. You got pretty wound up on that one.
  • >Right. As I grew up I learned to love the
    >Communist system through the readings of
    >Alexander Solzhenitsyn and his enthralling,
    >fun-loving books, such as "One Day in the Life
    >of Ivan Denisovich" and "The Gulag Archipelago."
    >Gimme a break, Don!


    I've been on July 4th vacation and am just now catching up to past Forums. I don't usually respond to the Liberal-vs-Conservative Garbage on the Forum, but I found your reference to Solzhenitsyn very interesting, as I am probably the only other Forumite that has read both of the books you mentioned.

    With all the Leftist BS over "Gitmo", it has occurred to me that instead of giving each detainee a copy of the Koran, we should give them a copy of "Ivan" and then see if they complain about their three squares, comfortable quarters, stereos, etc. While we're handing out copies of "Ivan" we should make sure Durbin, Biden, Kennedy, Pelosi, KKK Byrd, and the rest of their ilk (be they liberals or conservatives) also receive a copy and be locked up in "Gitmo" with their buddies until they've read it.

    Just to set the record straight: in my humble opinion, Rove (911)& Kennedy(Rumsfeld) both made stupid remarks, which is TYPICAL for BOTH of THEM; but then I don't have a lot of extremist friends in either party.
  • Rove directly and accurately sums up the idiocy of pandering to the terorists and this ridiculous notion of political correctnes. While we worry about the comforts of the detainees, they're cutting off heads, blowing up hospitals and indiscriminately killing our soldiers.
  • One Rove is a moron.
    Two, no one knows if the detainees are cutting off heads, blowing up hospitals and indisciminately killing our soldiers (all of which is highly unlikely since they are detained and have been for years) because they have not been charged with anything and have not been brought to trial. This is not political correctness. The right to know the charges against you and the right to an open trial are basic to this country's ideals. The current government should start practicing what they preach.
    And yes, I have never hid the fact that I am a Liberal with a capital L. That is not the same as being either a socialist or a communist.

  • But it ain't far off. There are so many direct correlations. I do not think it is true that Mr. Rove is a moron. I suspect his IQ level tests out somewhere between 110 and 128, but that's just a guess. A moron is quite that high.

    Actually, I think that for every head that's cut off, the US Air Force should dump three cargo loads of swine fat, urine, & waste over major cities in Iraq. That's not politically correct either, but I don't think that's the business we need to be in just now.
  • Personally, I think Mr. Rove was directing comments at folks like Kennedy, Kerry, "kkk" byrd, et al.

    However, I have said since 9/11 and probably will go to my grave saying:

    "They made the choice, them or me---my child or theirs----ok then, my choice is me & mine and anywhere, anytime, anyhow, I'll take them on." In some folks views, my remarks are probably ill-informed, and that's okay because folks like my dad who served from WWII until Vietnam is one of the many who gave them the freedom to disagree with me.

    The detainees are NOT covered by the Geneva convention - they are not an army of any country and do not wear uniforms and so they themselves have opted out of coverage by the Convention-----what they are are people who want to kill me & mine.......keep them locked up! And I expect the overwhelming majority have received better treatment from the worst American than they could obtain from the likes of Saddam.

    Doesn't anyone recognize pure evil anymore?
  • Owenlady:
    >>doesn't anyone recognize pure evil anymore?<<

    obviously not the liberals......
  • Probably so, however, evil looks differently -- apparently. I don't get the match between our attack on Iraq and the attack on us on 9/11. I bet thousands of citizens of Iraq who have dead relatives due to our attack on them might not see evil the same way you do either.

  • To demonstrate the vast difference between the liberals and conservatives after 9-11, the senate voted 98-0 in favor of going to war, and the house, 400 and something to 2. Rove, usually astute, went brain dead. I supported going into Afghanistan because that is where the attackers were based. We should have stayed there and finished it. Iraq was a mistake. We are doing nothing but providing the training ground for the next generation of terrorists - similar to what Russia did in Afghanistan. I fear we will leave Iraq in the same way they did from Afghanistan.
  • I would think that Iraq was pretty much a training ground for terrorists before the marvelous American military landed unless what Saddam and his sons qualifies as anything but terriorism?

    Can't say I've studied extensively the history of the middle east or Muslim populations, but it does seem from the surface as if they are all co-joined and a rather large group of them have one thought and goal in mind.......die killing Americans and America.

    And so, I still remain convinced of the rightness of taking them out over there before they have an opportunity to arrive here.

    Detaining those people in whatever facility we have whether "Gitmo" or somewhere else, from what I've seen, they still live better than a majority of their "brothers" and eat better. Me, I'm in favor of keeping them there until whenever......

    And if you can't tell I kind of agree with Mr. Rove but not totally as I do still believe there are some patriotic, compassionate, caring Democrats and liberals, although it saddens me that none of them are serving in Congress.

  • Gillian3 - ditto.
    Dasher - ditto.
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