Need Vacation Ideas



  • Sign me up! Just as long as I don't have to learn anything and just enjoy the "scenery" and the e-ticket rides. x;-)
  • Get up Beagle! I totally understand how being called 'Pookie' and invited to Disneyland makes you weak in the knees! x:-)
  • try a cruise. You are pampered and waited on hand and foot. Maybe a singles cruise??
  • Hey, any woman calls me "pookie" and I'll follow her anywhere. x;-)

    So far I'm beginning to get the picture that South of the Border is a pretty popular getaway. A friend suggested that Massachusetts, Vermont, NH, etc. are pretty that time of year, too.
  • >South of the Border is a pretty popular getaway.

    Make sure you don't accidentally end-up at South of The Border, that tourist trap hell hole on the I-95 North Carolina/South Carolina border :)

  • You bet!...especially if you like getting out into the snow during the day and curling up close to a fireplace to keep warm at night.

    Actually it's supposed to get up to the mid-50's today...that's New England's crazy weather for you!

    Cheryl C.
  • I know. It was snowing here late yesterday afternoon and then it turned into rain later in the evening. I love New England's crazy weather.

    The weather is usually really nice in the fall.
  • The mountains in Colorado are beautiful at that time of year. The Aspens are turning, it's off-season for a cheap hotel rate and the weather is very pleasant. Wherever you go, have fun and enjoy. Just to get away from everything is enough for me no matter where I may end up.
  • Sorry this is late but better than never. We have a beautiful country -- pick a state, any state, or several for that matter and see what they have to offer. Here in lovely NC we have beaches, mountains and in between. We have historic, wineries (great wine unlike Napa Valley wine although we have that variety too), or try the Dakotas they have a lot of interesting things to see and do from eating Buffalo Burgers at the Wall Drug (SD), Badlands, Black Hills (great jewlery for mom, sis, or fellow HR folk that give great ideas), there is even Flinstones Park (we were there when I was a kid so I'm not sure if that still exists -- it was the last century -- but the Corn Palace is still there. There is nothing like Hawaii -- or try the Midwest -- Southeastern Wisconsin has a TON of things to see and do. We went to Gettysburg when our kids were little and camped (we couldn't afford a hotel) but it was a great week to close out the world (Tv, phones, etc.)

    good luck on sorting out a vacation trip.
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