Need Vacation Ideas

Have not had a "real" vacation in ages (the kind where you go somewhere away from home and tell the rest of the world to go get bent for awhile) and so I'm looking for ideas about where to go (careful, Don x:-)). I have lots of frequent flyer miles and two weeks to burn before December. Anyone have any ideas? I'm looking for something fun to do in a Sept-Oct time frame.


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  • Hey Beagle, you and your Sweetheart could join my husband and me in Hawaii in September. You could join us for a drink to help celebrate our 25th Anniversary.
  • How about joining the cast and crew of Girls Gone Wild on location in Cancun. You too could star in Cancun Coeds part V.

  • May I suggest Las Vegas? My fiance and I went there in Sept. 2004 and had an absolute blast. The weather was fabulous. Not too hot during the day and SO comfortable in the evenings. Needless to say, there's a million things to do out there. We started searching early and got a great air-hotel package with Southwest.

    Good luck!
  • Hawaii and Vegas sound like possibilities - I've only been to Hawaii once (it rained the entire week I was there), never been to Vegas.

    Gene, your idea is conceptually sound, but would probably be fatal in execution - I'd need a vacation to recover from the vacation. x;-)

  • I've heard there's a nifty BB in Jackson, MS that serves great high carb hotdogs.
  • Does it have a bottle tree in the backyard? x;-)
  • Gulf coast beaches in FL are nice that time of year. The high tourist season is over so you don't have to fight crowds.

    If you are OK with solitude and not really much to do in terms of touristy stuff, that time of year is perfect for the Smoky Mountains. My wife and I usually rent a cabin at the highest point in the mountain. The entire side that faces the valley is a combination of french doors and plate glass, the view is incredible. Indoor and outdoor hot tubs, fireplace, comfy couch. The best. Lots of stuff to do during the day. The nature trails are great. Also, if you plan on doing the entire two weeks there, you could make a side trip down to Nashville and enjoy Music City USA for at least a few days.

    My wife and I are always game for dinner on the General Jackson showboat if you decide to come down..........

  • Depends on where and if you book far enough in advance. I've played heck trying to find hotels there my last few trips up to the FL Pensacola area.
  • You could go to Cape Cod, I haven't been there in years but happen to think it's the most romantic place in the fall and winter. Course I live in the Texas so anywhere that isn't 100+ deg in Sept and October is heaven to me.
  • That's all well and good - and I really haven't spent much time on the east coast - but I'll be traveling solo, so "romantic" isn't much of a consideration.
  • >That's all well and good - and I really haven't
    >spent much time on the east coast - but I'll be
    >traveling solo, so "romantic" isn't much of a

    Scratch the Smoky Mountains idea. Go for an all-inclusive adult resort in the Bahamas. By adult I don't mean the monkey business type. Something with like-minded guests and no rug-rats peeing in the pool or screaming their brains out during dinner.

  • Come to Austin during late September and catch the Austin City Limits Music Festival. It's a blast -- most fun you'll ever have while experiencing heat stroke. Also, Kinky's campaign ought to be in full swing by then.

    If you don't believe me that Austin's a fun town, just ask Safety.
  • Whirlwind is right, it's a fun town however, I recommend you come to my town, that is if you enjoy house painting, mine needs it.:oo
  • Oh, you're a laugh riot, Safety. That is precisely what I would want to do on my vacation - NOT!
  • OK, so painting is out of the question, how are you with concrete finishing, my patio needs replaced? If you were here during late summer you could help weed and harvest my garden, just think of the fresh green beans, peppers, tomatoes, squash, corn, hell, I'd even throw in a rib eye fresh off the grill!
  • Think positive beags.. lots could happen between now and then x;-)
  • My soon to be (in the next few months) part time home - Guanajuato, Mexico. It is an old colonial city in central Mexico that has United Nations Heritage status and where Mexican's go to vacation. The Cervantes festival takes place in that time period - singing, dance etc. groups from all over the world go there to perform. An international airport is in Leon - about 20 miles or so away.
  • Gillian! Perhaps we may someday meet in neighboring Queretaro which is where my grandfather lives! Or San Miguel Allende for some New Years partying!

    I try to get down there every few years. I hate it because I never want to leave :(
  • My favorite is Puebla - beautiful old city about an hour bus ride south of Mexico City with everything from a church every two blocks to an old fort and the home (now museum) where a Mexican family had a last stand with the French that is celebrated every year on Cinco de Mayo. The local volcano, Popo, and surrounding mountains are AWESOME.

    Or, I highly recommend the Ruta Maya - southern Mexico, the Yucatan, and if you're really adventurous, Guatemala and Belize. The indigenous culture is incredible. They speak English in Belize!

    But I get the feeling you're thinking domestic travel. I honeymooned in Colorado a year ago October and it was wonderful. Or, you can swing by a lovely farm in central Nebraska, visit a kitten barn, chase chickens, take a deep breath of MONEY (hint: think cattle), and many other fun activities.
  • Hey Beag,
    Why not go to Hawaii pick an island.
    I love Kauaii. It is very scenic and if you love the water lots of things to do but it does rain alot on this island, Fern Grotto is gorgeous, caves lots of hiking trails, the canyons... Sorry got carried away.
    Go on a cruise to the Hawaiian islands for 7 days I believe the cruise leaves from Los Angeles, CA.
    Then you could go to Las Vegas afterwards or stay and travel around California.

    If you pick one of my ideas can I come. ;;)
  • I recommend you speak with a priest and have him arrange for you to spend the two weeks in a monastery. A period of secluded atonement and repetitive chores for two years of bad behavior will completely turn you around. You will not need money or new clothes for this trip. You won't need to diet when you return. And you won't have an obligation to send cards or letters during the vacation. You will return refreshed and will even have a commitment to pay the company back for the frequent flyer miles you have ripped off over time. If you have an aversion to religious retreats, I'm sure there are secular alternatives that will work as well.
  • MY bad behavior? What about Ray?

    And, just for the record, our policy states that we get to keep our frequent flyer miles when we travel on co. business. x:-)
  • In my previous life (prior to HR) I was a travel agent. My all time favorite place to go is Key West. I have never flown into Key West, always into Miami and take US1 straight down the chain. It's a beautiful drive, 7 mile bridge, the remains of Henry Flagers railroad (destroyed by a hurricane in 1932 I think), oooh and the Shell Warehouse (great gift shop), you can stop and see the "African Queen" (yes the Humphrey Bogart boat). Once in Key West, you can't miss a sunset at Mallory Square, the wreckers museum, Hemingways house and his six toed cats, the lighthouse is across the street from Hemingways (last time I was there it only cost 5 bucks to climb it). I could go on about the bars and places to eat...Hogs Breath, Sloppy Joes, and my favorite Margaritaville (you must have a cheeseburger in paradise when your there). If your interested, I could send you a boat load of info on it.
  • Of course if you had done it this year, you would have been in the middle of Hurricane Hell, but certainly we can't go thru that 2 years in a row :-?
  • The Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. There are always special rate plans available.
  • The British Isles - They speak language you understand (except for scotsmen when they're excited and then they can't even understand themselves) there's nightlife, history, beaches, beautiful scenery, tons of things to do and places to go. The money exchange rate is fairly easy to follow and you CAN drink the water. I'd suggest starting in London and working out to the countyside, Bath, Bristol, Cotswalds Region, then maybe a few days in Wales or Scotland. Packages that include hotels and airfare are not too cost prohibitive.
  • Western Colorado & New Mexico have some great places to visit. You have the "million Dollar" highway to travel that has some great scenary as well as the towns of Telluride, Ouray, and Durango (mining towns now resorts). There are great places to stay, fresh mountain air, and you pick your schedule.
  • My recommendation would be the Mayan Riveria just south of Cancun. I spent a week at an all inclusive, adults only resort and it was the most beautiful relaxing week I have ever spent. Just a bit of advice....If you really want a vacation DO NOT, under any circumstances, take your cell phone. Good Luck
  • I just returned from the Mayan Riviera. It was great. I highly recommend it. Go the all inclusive, adults only route. I go on vacation and don't want to listen to screaming kids or having to share a pool or restaurant with them. It was incredibly relaxing, kind of the do nothing or do everything type of vacation. I highly recommend one of the Secrets Resorts. Either the Secrets Capri or Secrets Excellence. I stayed at the Secrets Excellence Resort. What an incredible spa!
  • Pookie,
    Our Leadership Retreat is around that time - we hope to go to Disneyland this year. Disneyland is not so much fun by yourself, but with 48 women (and 3 men...) it gets pretty entertaining.
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