How many of you are on diets?

I just started the "Flat Stomach ASAP" diet and exercise plan and I'M CRANKY. All I can think about is food, Food, FOOD! When will my next meal be? How much food will I get? Why do we have York Peppermint Patties in our office?

Anyone else dieting? Anyone want to share their angst?


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  • Are you implying we need to go on a diet? OK, I did post my weight on another thread and if Don reads this he has a good memory and will remind me of what I already posted.

    I have lost about 4 pounds recently, not sure how. When I try hard to, I don't lose anything. People around here have weight loss contests all the time. And since I can't seem to lose much, I get my jollies harassing those who are. I offer them ice cream (we usually keep some dixie cups in the freezer), or I offer them a candy bar.

    So, Zanne... think ice cream!

    I'm so bad sometimes.
  • Being an HR Director AND running my own side business doesn't leave me anytime (or desire) for exercise, so my new "weight-loss" plan is to stop eating anything after 7 p.m. Anything you eat at night really sticks with you, and normally I would eat Schwan's bars (Silver Mint Bars, mmmmm) as late as 10:30 without giving it a second thought. Now I've cut down and avoid eating after 7 p.m. and it IS making a difference! Try that!
  • I lost 70 pounds on Weight Watchers in 1999 and managed to keep all but ten of it off. (The ten is my now ex-husband's fault) :) I tried every diet out there, Jenny Craig, shakes, Atkins, you name it, I tried it. Weight Watchers was the one that did the trick. Once you make the decision to make a life-style change, everything will fall into place. It was so easy, I couldn't believe it. And I still manage to stay with my new life style most of the time. Of course, I am not perfect. Who is? But if your diet is already frustrating you, it is the wrong one. Good luck with your efforts!
  • I have lost 30 on weight watchers and have kept it off for over a year now. Also lowered my blood pressure and chloestrerol levels and no longer have to take medication for either.
  • I think it's the fact that I "think" I'm on a diet.

    I gave up meat for Lent and lost 6 pounds without trying. However, my 40th birthday is looming on the horizon and I don't plan to start the 40s at what I am weighing right now.

    You are correct about a lifestyle change. I am incorporating more exercise, less eating after 7 pm, and better menu choices into my daily life. However, I wanted to kick start my weight loss. (With denial and hunger pangs - what a deal!)

    And Ray - you are SOOOOOOO BADDDDDDDDD!
  • I don't think diets work very good. Once you put restrictions on what you can and what you cannot eat it almost becomes obsessive. You can hold it off for awhile but eventually you're going to binge. The best thing to do is to cut back and eat smaller portions. Everything is ok in moderation. And excercise, exercise, exercise!
  • I have been on a diet all my life. And diets do work for me - however within a few years I have to do it all over again. I have decided this is the last time - I'm going to get it off (modified Atkins and exercise) and keep it off.
  • I never diet, but when I need to get rid of a few extra pounds, I just lose all the carbs. The results are almost immediate. I wish we didn't have candy here at work, or the snack machine, and we have a salesman who brings fresh donuts every Monday, so I know it's hard. When you're tempted, think of how hard it will be to work the food off, and drink water to keep that "full" feeling. Take a good multivitamin, too, and you might not feel as cranky. By the way, those peppermint patties are not that big a no-no - they're not too high in carbs and can really satisfy the need for sweets! Good luck with this but remember, who you are inside matters more than anything else.
  • I agree with Ruby Tuesday 100%!
  • Zanne, you're turning 40? Uh oh, that is when it all went downhill for me. I have gained about 60 lbs in the last 10 years. But, maybe you'll be better than me.

    My boss went on the Adkins diet 2 years ago. His goal was to lose 100 lbs, he lost 95. Then gained back 60+ the next year after resuming a normal diet. Doesn't seem very healthy to me.

    Still think about that ice cream, Zanne.

    Not only bad, but cruel. Consider me the evil HR Director.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-09-03 AT 04:23PM (CST)[/font][p]Actually, I think 40 will be great.

    In my late 30s I experienced a marriage going downhill, (and ending) a huge changeover at my then workplace, and loss of a parent, as well as the metabolism slowly coming to a standstill. With all those things - I gained 20 pounds.

    So, it is my mission to enter my 40s without those 20 pounds and with better health habits.

    Again, I just want to jump start the weight loss again (since I dropped a few pounds earlier this year) and then concentrate on the eating healthy and exercising. Which works well long term, is sensible, and healthy.

    By the way, Ray, Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey is pretty wonderful..... have you tried it?

  • Yes, I've tried Chunky Monkey and it is good. Most of Ben & Jerry's is good. But, anytime I buy their ice cream, my wife has a fit because it is more expensive than other brands - and she is the keeper of the grocery budget.

    Actually, I wish you well on your diet. I keep saying I want to lose some weight, but I'm not as active as I used to be - did a lot of bicycling (2500 miles per year) until about 5 years ago. With bad roads, heavy traffic, and an aging back, I gave it up for a more sedentary life style and added pounds.

    Maybe, we should have a weight loss challenge.
  • Yes, I'm on a diet, the see food diet, I see food I eat food.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-10-03 AT 07:22AM (CST)[/font][p]I've always been on a diet. I've tried everything and am back (with my guy) on weight watchers. We're doing well (holiday weekend and left overs haven't helped). I have found this time to be the best - because I'm doing it with someone else. In the past I've joined with "the girls" but we tempt each other to easily (ice cream after weight in).

    As an aside, my 89 yr old father, wants to loose a couple of pounds for his 90th birthday party (he weighs 160 and is 5'6 - still fights into his WWII uniform). He just joined a gym, works out every morning and absolutely loves it. Puts me to shame!
  • Hurray for your dad! What a great guy. I hope I'm that active at 89.

    I like Ray's idea of a challenge. We could post the mean things our coworkers are bringing in and our victories.

    My scale was very nice to me this morning! Makes giving up that extra chicken tenderloin for dinner last night not so bad now.

    My assistant is pregnant, so she nibbles on poptarts, crackers, cookies, and clamors for ice cream in the afternoon. This is a true test of my willpower.

    So, Ray, are you saying that you can't buy "Chubby Hubby" Ben & Jerrys? ;;)
  • My wife thinks I'm too chubby now. She is always dropping little comments about my weight. But this is a woman who at 118 has gained 26 lbs since we were married 26 years ago.

    Actually, on the rare occasion she sends me to the store to buy ice cream, I will buy Ben & Jerry's.

    BTW, did you know the proper name is "iced cream"? And are you craving it now since you brought it up?
  • I want you all to feel sorry for me because I work at a Food Distributor. There is $5 million worth of food outside of my office door. In the 12 years I have worked here I have gained 30 pounds. I know, use restraint. Well, it's hard when vendors come in and make samples of what they are trying to sell you. It's hard when the company gives away things that are perfectly fine, but outdated so we can't sell them. I know, use restraint. It's just nearly impossible to be on a diet here. Not only am I addicted to this forum, I have to deal with this food thing. Any suggestions - feel free.
  • HR in NY,

    You feel guilty being addicted to the forum and you feel guilty for gaining weight. Both negatives. Two negatives equal a positive. Both "guilts" cancel each other out, so you are OK.
  • They just had cake and ice cream for the Casino GM's birthday. And I haven't eaten lunch yet. What's a girl to do?
  • I recently lost 8 pounds just by getting off the carbs. That's the trick for me.
  • Leslie,

    We have a birthday party every month for employees whose birthdays fall in that month. Every month it is cake and ice cream and I go to every party. Such are the duties of an HR director.
  • I think as we have all seen that diets don't work. I was never real serious about exercise until I was in my mid 30's and then I joined a gym. I found that aerobics did not fit my body type as much as weight lifting. I started lifting weights 3 days a week and using the treadmill/stairmaster the other two days a week and the weight dropped off. I stopped eating meat totally and I dropped 25 pounds almost immediately. I found the combination of exercise and diet change is what really did it. I also used the play tennis about 3 days a week until my tennis buddy moved away and I also decided to relocate myself.

    I have a much more hectic job now and it's harder to fit exercise into my schedule, but I do it. I have a treadmill and eliptical machine in my house as well as free weights. If I have to get up at 4:30 AM to fit in my exercise, I do it. (I am a morning person!).

    Anyway...the bottom line's hard, especially if you love to eat. I work for a cardiology practice and I get inspiration every day to keep working out and eating right - I don't want to end up like some of the poor souls I see.

    Everyone, keep up the good work, but falling off the wagon every once in a while is not going to kill you!

  • Well,it's Friday and I'm much better.

    I think the first three days of dieting (or anything - exercise, job, CHANGE) are the worst. I'm actually falling into eating heathily, exercising and not thinking about food all the time.

    Last night I went to Sonic and didn't get iced cream, tator tots or anything but a cherry diet coke.

    Whew! Hope I keep on the roll for the weekend.
  • Such restraint! I'm impressed!
  • Zanne, congratulations on the good start. I won't mention the "I" word today. When I mentioned Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby to my wife last night, her immediate reaction was "too expensive" - just like I told you.

    I had lost 4 lbs, but we seem to be going out to eat more often and that makes it hard to be consistent.
  • I just weighed in and had my measurements taken this morning at the gym. I am depressed today. Two weeks ago I was thrilled - I had lost 5 pounds. Today I had gained. (Don't ask how much!) I have lost about 35 pounds, but it has been very slowly - 6 years. At 45 I don't want to take forever to lose the other 35. I started back to the gym a couple of months ago and it feels great to see my stamina increase. But I still love to eat!

    My husband and I try to eat lean for 6 days and allow one splurge day. Sometimes it's a restaurant, or sometimes I make a gooey casserole. But it helps to not deny yourself everything.

    I'm also getting hooked on V-8 juice. I buy them by the case in the 12 oz. cans. They are great when real cold and are actually pretty filling. They can really tide me over in the afternoon.

    Good luck to all!
  • I read your forum weekly, sometimes it's the only thing that gets me through the week !! Just had to reply to this one. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to quit cold turkey like you can with smoking or drinking??? I have finally found something that really works for me. Cut my carbs, take my vitamines, and drink LOTZA water !!! Have lost 67 lbs since January and feeling great. I really have to increase my exercise. But what has really helped is the low carb candy bars. I now have 8 guys at work on the same plan and they are doing great. It's been a real support system

    GOOD LUCK !!!
  • Congratulations!!!! What a example you are setting at work.
  • You'd think that chasing the employees who talk in circles would at least do SOMETHING to keep us in shape!

  • Are any of you familiar with the South Beach diet? Or the ice cream diet? Both can be found in Prevention. South Beach is easy with little denial except for white starchy stuff -- bread, pasta, potatoes -- so it's low carb but not as restrictive as Atkins. Those of you who like ice cream don't have to completely go without but you do have to watch the calory count. The REALLY GOOD stuff might not qualify, but the theory is that calcium helps to lose weight. The ice cream diet was in the last issue of Prevention and is probably available in the newsstands now. South Beach came out in an earlier issue.
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