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  • Jimmy, It is mandatory that you follow your company policy (if it is legal) with all employees. You can't say "this guy looks ok" or "this one needs to be tested". If you make a exception for one and then don't hire the next one b/c he did not pass …
  • Some fun things we have done in the past were x-mas tree decorating contest, monthly night out (everyone brings their family to do something with the company),  poker games(winner gets the bonus for the month), the most popular is always cash bonus …
  • I’ve been on both sides of that nightmare.  It sounds like, if instead of asking what he/she (your production manager) can do to help make the team stronger, he/she is taking it as personal attack then that may be a good starting point for your cha…
  • We offer 8 hours a month the first year of employment. 1-4 years employment = 80 hours a year vacation 5-14 years employment =120 hours a year vacation
  • Thanks I should explain it a little better. I have been working HR for a "typical" company which will employ the same people for years. I have recently taken a position in a Construction company which will turn over about 90% in a year. Therefore we…
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