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  • I would do the same, meet with them privately and tell the person that it's creating an uncomfortable environment.  My friends boss swears alot.  He's a big shot executive.I couldn't believe some of the things she was saying that he would say.  She …
  • I never worked at a employer that offered this but one of my prior employers was going to look into this.   Basically it's offered to employees under voluntary benefits and through payroll deduction.   There isn't a employer subsidy, employees would…
  • We will be sending out a survey to all of the workforce.       Can someone possibly email me the form that they will be using.   We currently do not have one available.      Please let me know and I will provide you my contact information.  Thank yo…
  • I worked at an investment firm and we would observe the NY Stock Exchange holidays and Good Friday was one of them.    I also worked at another company which also observed it as well.
  • For those that have perfect attendance awards like I did at one company, employees will drag themselves in.      I understand why companies offer these type of awards but at the same time it doesn't really help.