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  • Yes, I send it out yearly - I have attached a copy of my letter. - You will need to insert your company information and contact info. Important Notice From Johnson City Housing Authority About Your Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare     Please …
  • I have sent you an email with a calendar attached.  Hope it will help
  • Perhaps this employee "hates meetings" because he/she perceives that these meetings are not productive.   All meetings should have a printed agenda and should "stick" to this agenda.  The person who chairs the meeting should keep the members on task…
  • I believe this is a no-brainer, especially if there is a company policy in place regarding substance abuse.  She needs to report this - NOW following the procedure in the policy or if none, then to Human Resources.  Obviously she has mentioned this …
  • My advice is to err on the side of caution and perhaps re-evaluate your FMLA forms.  Our forms for FMLA has a separate section for the physician called -Certification of Physician or Practitioner.  In that section are questions such as:  Probable du…