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  • Hey, where is upper management in all of this chaos?  Looks like any changes in culture should come from the top, but sounds like they don't lead by example.
  • Unless you are a large company, I would look into using a vendor to supply this service. 
  • Hey, I read it will be a "killer app" for small businesses
  • Hey, if you subscribe to, there are termination checklists at
  • Hey, how did you discover that the employee was abusing social media and gambling online?  Did another employee report this?
  • Hey, look at  HHS recommends not asking for a doctor's note. However, I don't think agency means that workers don't need to at least call in. What do you all think?
  • Hey, what are the employees talking about when the cats are away?  Do you have a morale problem as well as a management problem? You know, these employees can be goofing off even when "the cats" are in the office (online games, social networks, onli…
  • There is a smoking room for customers--outside.  If need be, put up an awning so they won't get wet.
  • Hey, just reissue the phone list.  Don't think that employees won't check to see who is gone and who is still there.  Much more subtle.
  • Hey, before you talk to the president, check with the person in your company who has the insurance contract on the bus.  You may be covered as long as only employees are going to the game.
  • Hey-employotainment--love it! Did you notice that Annie said that Joan's comments were "actionable"?  Wonder if she is thinking of suing for slander?  
  • Hey, with the car companies, publishers, municipalities, and just about ever other employer with unionized employees asking for concessions from theose unions in order to stay afloat, seems like a bad time to introduce EFCA for both sides. And membe…
  • Hey, this rumor sounds fishy unless the felon is related to the owners of the company! Do you know why the HR Director was fired?
  • Hey, someone just blogged on that Nancy Pelosi was wearing a snuggy at Obama's speech.  Well, if the speaker of the house can wear one to work, so can everyone.  Maybe they are turning down the heat in the Capitol!…
  • Federal OSHA does not require a safety handbook.  In most organizations, the handbook has several roles. The primary role is to present safety rules, procedures, and standards of conduct.  The plan would be different for different types of organizat…
  • Hey, just got a mailing from the American Management Association called "Seminars in Communication Skills, February-June 2009"
  • Hey, read Jack Welch's column in this week's BusinessWeek.
  • Hey, you are right about the carrot versus the stick on this one.  How about putting names of people on time for the entire month into a drawing for a prize that people would care about, like a gas card, movie tickets, or meal for 2 at popular resta…
  • Hey, did you agree to ask this question?  Company hired you for your HR expertise, so when VP suggested question, you should have come right out and said that it could be construed as discriminatory.  If you didn't say anything and you don't ask the…
  • Hey, there is a misconception that HR is like a nice old grandma who employees can run to "kiss it and make it all better" whenever there is a problem with management, when it is really how IT HR just described it; HR is there to administer policies…
  • Hey, you don't say if your company owns your buildings.
  • Hey, you might have some pay compression problems if the older workers are all at the top of their pay grades.  That might be a way to get upper management to look at this situation. 
  • Hey, how are you verifying the 8 times?  Through the gym?  Hope not--makes it sound like you don't trust your employees or you are treating them like children. And if you are asking the employees to verify themselves, what's the point? Like Reg, we …
  • Hey, I wouldn't do a critique--it's just asking for trouble (discrimination charges for whatever reason). Just say it is your company policy not to discuss its hiring decisions with nonemployees, and then repeat what you said in the rejection letter…
  • Hey, do you have a reason to be suspicious of this particular employee or think she is lying? This major surgery isn't "back pain" or other vague malady. I've never heard of an employee "faking" a hysterectomy to go to Florida.
  • Hey, Johnny--it's a popularity contest because no one knows specifics on what candidates have planned for workplace, other than that old-faithful "create more jobs"
  • Hey, have you looked at his job description.  Obviously, the essentail function of a delivery driver is to drive your delivery trucks, and it looks like he soon will not be able to do this.  Is another essential function lifting 25 pounds (or more)?…
  • Hey-There's a white paper on this website called "Recruiting? Look for Different Thinking." Maybe balance recruiting the "known quantities," as you say, with some "new blood" that can also diversify the workforce.
  • Hey, if this Mark is getting hours and days off, is he on intermittant FMLA leave?  If so, you'd better tread carefully. If not, isn't Mark violating your attendance policy? You don't say why the other employee left, necessitating the extra work.  I…
  • Hey, read this interview wit show's producer.  Says no one from the show has been fired because of what they said