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  • Hey There! Here is a copy of the policy I have written for furlough actions that may help answer some of your questions. Where you see >
  • Assuming the EE's statuses are not changing with the change in payroll frequency, the hourly times table will pretty much remain the same, again, assuming that it follows a "normal" standard of issue. I can offer that going backwards on pay tables i…
  • Vanity lists have really wrecked the ideology originally behind the "Who's Who" philosophy. Back in the "day", industry "Who's Who" lists were, at least, slightly useful as they were almost like Hall of Fame type awards, where those in them, at leas…
  • If your HR policy states that an investigation will proceed with a written grievance, and the employee fails or declines to issue one, I would document that and then close the case. However, if your HR policy states that mere mention of a negative i…
  • IT HR is correct, in my opinion. Since you stated in your second post that the cut in pay and hours did not affect her exemption status, the employer is not legally bound to pay any more than what the salary says to pay. Even in the case of a non-ex…
  • Hi There! In your post, you stated that your cousin's days of work were cut from a 5-day week to a 4-day week and that her salary would be cut by 20%. My question to you, here, is if your cousin was an exempt or non-exempt employee before the cut, a…