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  • In this week's HR Strange but True! column, we have reader-submitted job interview blunders, many of which are quite good.  You can read the full column at: The standalone article with reader-submitted intervie…
  • We recently included the lawsuit in our HR Strange but True! column: Mrs. Sting Gets Stung by Bias Suit 
  • On, we recently had an article about how job boards have adopted some of the popular features of MySpace and Facebook. One job board allows job seekers to make their Instant Message available to employers. Another allows employers to post…
  • Barbie,  Congress has approved the minimum wage increase, sending it to President Bush, who is expected to sign it soon.  This time, it looks like there are no obstacles to get in its way. You can read more details here:…
  • Barbie,   The legislation will most likely be like the one proposed earlier in the year. If so, the minimum wage would increase to $7.25 over a period of 26 months. It would happen in three steps:  $5.85 an hour effective on the 60th day after the…
  • President Bush vetoed the legislation to which the minimum wage increase was attached.  Democrats don't have enough votes to override the veto, so they will have to start over.  Meanwhile, a growing number of states continue to raise their minimum w…
  • The House has approved the Employee Free Choice Act.  It now goes to the Senate.  You can read a news article on the legislation at:
  • In Louisiana, unused earned time for paid vacation must be paid at termination.   By the way, has a state-comparison chart called Vacation Laws, By State. Subscribers to the site can access it here:…
  • If an employer provides paid vacation, New Hampshire law requires that the employer pay employees for accrued, unused time. New Hampshire prohibits "use it or lose it" vacation policies.