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  • Katrinal - Thank you for responding!  It's nice to hear from another non-profit org and the HR rep.  It sounds like our companies are in the same line of business.  If you don't mind sharing, I would be interested in seeing that particular policy a…
  • WOW!  Thanks for taking the time to provide me with helpful info that I will use.
  • Thanks TXHR and SubGrapHR!  I'm glad I provided the right guidance.  It's nice to have a sounding board like this forum, especially when your the only HR person for a small company.
  • The advice and clarity is great!!! Thanks for your help on this subject.  
  • Do you think I should recommend using a 3rd party to conduct the tests? For example, a company I heard of called experttraining ?
  • I'm concerned with the consistency of the questions being asked.  Also, the results could be subjective because there's an actual person giving the test, rather than a software or system.  I think they do it to save money on buying a software and I'…
  • Has anyone sent out emails to employees on what your mgmt team has done and/or is doing.  If so, can you share those emails with me.  I would like to put one together but at the same time, don't want to make employees panic.
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