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  • From the DOL.... 6 factors to evaluate whether a trainee, intern, extern, apprentice, graduate assistant, or similar individual is to be considered an employee. If all of the following six factors are met, then an employment relationship does not ex…
  • Information on commissions as wages can be found at the following location: A contract between the employer and employee may provide otherwise as indicated in the DLSE guidance document.  
  • In CA, commissions are considered wages, and commissions owed must be paid to the employee even after the employee is no longer working for the company. So a company policy of not paying commissions owed after termination would be a violation of the…
  • It's fine to keep track of exempt employee's hours, though some employees feel it is a slap to their exempt status. Time sheets for exempt employees should record sick days, floating holidays, vacation time, jury duty, bereavement, and other absence…
  • Employers may deduct from an employee's PTO under the company's leave plan in increments of less than a day as long as the employee has not used up his or her PTO. When you refer to deducting for less than a full day - it's from their paycheck that …
  • In my experience, passenger sudans are the most popular cars - $18,000 to $40,000. Though I have noticed some trucks and especially SUVs in the last few years. Three year leases are very common.  You could allow the employee to get a more expensive…