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  • Personally, I have a minor in marketing to go with my major in HR Management.  After being in the field for 7 years, I feel as though a minor in psychology would have been beneficial, but I am also an HR Manager.  I think it really depends on how yo…
  • I would talk to your bosses a little more before beginning this project. Please see the reverification guideline below.  Depending on your company size, you may save a lot of time not reverifying unnecessarily.  You are required to hold onto all I9 …
  • First off, I wish you the best of luck!!  I started in the exact same position two years ago in a high-volume, fast paced physician's office that was established 35 years ago so I can fully understand and appreciate your frustration.   If you are in…
  • Thanks for the reply!!
  • I would start by visting the Fair Labor Standards Act. Since pay is something that is governed by law and fines and penalties can be involved, I would not do any assuming on this topic.  
  • Visit the web address below from the U.S. Department of Labor: http://www.dol.gov/whd/regs/compliance/whdfs22.htm
  • You are able to alter working hours based on business necessity at any time.  This will not be an issue as long as it is handled consistently.  (i.e. Certain protected classes are not the only ones impacted by the change)  If an employee is unable t…
  • Add a section to your dress code policy that pertains to appropriate "fit" of clothing.  Clothing that is too tight or too small would not be permitted so why should over-sized clothing.  
  • What is the owner's grounds for termination?  Because the foreman lied about his whereabouts? (Was the foreman actually working when he lied about his whereabouts?) Can you provide additional information...