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  • We're just starting this year with a free flu shot for employees and family members in our plan.  We also hand out stress balls every once in a while and some of our employees were able to get a group discount at a gym.  You don't have to be large a…
  • If you want to make her an offer, I would make it contingent on her obtaining both a license and access to a car by the start date.  I would not let her start before she meets those qualifications - if you let her start and give her 3 months, you ri…
  • Don't forget to share the responsibility of improving communication with your managers.  If you are not having any luck as "HR" and the scores are still low, talk to the managers and get them make it a priority too. 
  • I assume you don't work for a beer company?  It was definitely inappropriate.  I would recommend bringing him back for a 2nd interview to give him another shot.  Also, whether you decide to hire him or not, let him know that his tie wasn't well rece…
  • If you're considering pet insurance, you should consider any restrictions such as age of the pet, type of pet, if you must go to a specific vet or if you can use any you want, pre-existing or genetic conditions, etc.  I did some research and found t…