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  • You must pay the employee based on the timesheet submitted.  The manager would have a right to dispute the timesheet and should deal with the discrepancy and then sign it.  Even after the employee is paid you can address the issue with the manager a…
  • Should report this to the head of HR and let that person deal with the managers in question - they would need to be reminded of their responsibilities as managers and that continued behavior like this could result in a disciplinary against them.
  • 12 months at that level along with 4 months of outplacement services.
  • Salaried employees are NOT paid for any hours worked over 40 just as their salary is not docked if they work onlly 4 hours one day.  That is why they are salaried.  However, if they miss one full day of work due to personal reasons other than their …
  • We have used Ceridian and ADP - ADP does offer various types of payroll and timekeeping options.  Also the new Ceridian update withthe HRIS is very good.  Might be a good one to look at.