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  • [quote user="BarbieW"] We have an employee who has been out of work for 9 weeks to receive cancer treatment. He does not have any paid disability time left. He just missed being eligible for FMLA leave, but we are considering extending him unpaid l…
  • I believe that the candidate's creditials, skills and recommendations is far more important that what he wore.  Maybe it is his "lucky" tie.  There is any number of reasons that we can speculate on.  What is important is can he do the job?
  • I have spent my time with huge commutes myself.  I loved it because I could plan my day, think things through on the way to work and evaluate the day on my way home.  I am in agreement with Barbie, it should be the employee's decision.  There are no…
  • I agree with HRgfs.  There are very specific laws regarding this issue.  You will need to check your state's law.  I also agree with HRgfs, there are severe penalties for violation of certain types of garnishments.
    in Garnishment Comment by DRJOETTE May 2007
  • I believe you will discover they have the right to display the buttons.  See section 7 of the Act (NLRB). 
  • The answer to your question it depends on a couple of things.  What the state law says and whether or not it is an "open" or "closed" shop.  In a closed shop, the employee must join or can't be employed.  The collective bargaining agreement will spe…