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  • Hey out there. We use Paychex and they have the Acess Visa card. It is an option to have money put on these "debit cards" and there is no need to have a bank account. This saves the company money on check printing. There is a great arcticle in last…
  • It has been a few years, but I applied for a job, got the offer and then after filling out the paperwork, was told I would need to stop by a clinic for a physical. It was on my way to my current job, so I stopped by. After putting me through extensi…
  • I won't say my age, but I will say that they said it was "ice" and I had to say what's that? As for the testing, I am certain the company would not want to take on the expense of testing, at least the hourly's who come a dime a dozen. Our turnover …
  • Personally I have a few friends in my life that have had the struggle. We do "as a company have a big heart" but always want to watch out for the best interest of the company. I am meeting with the individual this afternoon personally. If she is at…
  • We have a policy that provides for random drug testing, however we do not do them at this time. Each ee signs for this policy, and I dont have alot of exposure to drug testing, except injury related cases. "Could we just have her take one unannoun…
  • She was a good employee, enough so the GM would consider the rehire, and he has a heart for giving people a second chance. I will most likely have her communicate through me directly rather than the GM. Later giving him the ok to rehire