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  • I'll miss you all too. But considering the direction my HR career is heading, I could not really juistify the expense. If you break in to the HR technology world, let me know!
  • This is for FHR...she tried to log on to post her email but couldn't so she asked me to do it for her... [email]andersssoncris@yahoo.com[/email]
  • Hey Don, you're not rid of me yet! Didn't you say you needed a place to stay in Boston during the DNC x}> x;-) ? You and anyone else can reach me at [email]rene.a.dicicco@verizon.com[/email]. I decided to put my Forum participation in my mid-y…
  • Its good bye from me as well...thanks to everyone for the advice and the laughs. I learned alot, I guess I'm on my own now!
  • Hmmm, ya, right Don. I can tell how much you'll miss me when you call me the wrong name! x:o
  • Thanks Beagle. I hadn't even realized that this is my last work day with the Forum... x:'(
  • No kidding! They all need a visit to the barber.
  • I taught preschool for five years and built up an immune system that can fight off ANYTHING! Get peed on, pooped on, puked on enough, your body learns how to protect itself! x;-)
  • Is that the kind of dirt from the "pet hair" family?
  • I'm with you, Judy. I am so conflicted, I don't know what to do. I've got alot of soul searching to do in the next week.
  • Having seen these commercials, all I can picture is a man walking proudly into an emergency room, shoulders back, chest puffed out, buying the nurses drinks... Cantcha just throw a bucket of cold water on him?
    in CIALIS Comment by rad October 2004
  • "It's my understanding that the Patriot Act does allow a US citizen to be 'considered' an enemy combatant, thus removing from that person some of the protections normally afforded him by the US constitution." So does that mean people like John Walk…
  • I've not heard of that. If you find anything, do you mind sharing?
  • I've made my feelings about Kerry known to you; I wish he hadn't won the primary, but he did. But up here in Mass, issues and bills around the fishing industry are very important. Don't laugh them away, we've got entire towns that rely upon fishing…
  • A person is a good luck charm? So I guess he feels its ok to objectify a human who has the misfortune (or not) of being a little person. That's just disgusting. Does he carry him around like Paris Hilton carries around her little toy dog?
  • Yankees. 3-1.
  • I live here so I'm rooting for the Red Sox. I guess I have no choice, do I? But I must say, I am not pleased about their grooming habits lately. I hate the long hair and scruffy beard thing. Pedro's jeri-curl has got to go. If the Yankees win our …
  • Thanks for the laugh Judy!
  • New York is a wonderful city, you should visit. Aside from vacations in Florida, I have never been down South. I did have a stop over in the Houston airport once and that was lots of fun. I found a bar, a group of guys in cowboy hats willing to bu…
    in Yankees? Comment by rad October 2004
  • I am consistently hospitable to anyone I find wandering around my neighborhood with a map. If you've ever visited Boston you know how useless a map is. Yet Bostonians have a reputation of being rude. Go figure. I know I can't be the only one. I me…
    in Yankees? Comment by rad October 2004
  • First you share whiskey with a Democrat, then you break bread with Yankees. What's going on here? /:)
    in Yankees? Comment by rad October 2004
  • Is it some bad luck thing that you New Yorkers can't even type the words Red Sox x;-) ?
    in Yankees? Comment by rad October 2004
  • One hour is all you get for 30 bucks. I would have loved to stop for a picnic and get more photos of the foliage. All we get in the city are dead brown leaves clogging the sewers. Isn't baloney one of those pureed ground-up fake foods in the Slim …
  • Ugh.
  • Thats beautiful.
  • Welcome to the club, Judy! xhugs
    in Answer Key Comment by rad October 2004
  • Ok, I don't completely understand this key...do more yeses mean one is liberal or conservative? Not that it matters for me. As expected, I had 15 of each x:-(
    in Answer Key Comment by rad October 2004
  • Whoa, Beagle, wouldn't combining the good points of both parties leave us with......us? As conservative democrats you and I would make the perfect third party ticket! I bet you'd make a great Vice President. x;-)
  • I doubt I easily will fall into either group. We'll see, I can't wait to read the key!