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  • Cheryl, does this REALLY work so easily? If so, you are the answer to a prayer - I'm a terrible omelet maker and my husband and I both really like them. Anne in Ohio
  • This sounds good, but when do you add the eggs? With the mayo? Anne in Ohio
  • OK, Sam. This recipe is from a co-worker who brings it to our carry-ins on a regular basis. I would probably use REAL mayonnaise instead of the salad dressing, but this is really good stuff. 2 or 3 medium potatoes (boiled in skin) 4-6 large egg…
  • I love my Calphalon skillets, too. But nothing, and I mean nothing, fries up a bunch of pork chops and chicken like my 'spider'. I wouldn't give it up for anything. Anne in Ohio
  • Thanks, Don. I have several iron skillets (spiders) left to me by my mom, but they are not very usable right now. This will help get them in working order. Anne in Ohio
  • I figure #1 is a haircut, but that's all I can come up with. Anne in Ohio
  • I think the guy used the screen name WocoFrank and the winning haiku had a line about 'pee in a bottle'. Anne in Ohio
  • Here you go. I read it too, and it seems like the same old, same old. Gender roles haven't changed. Yawn. [url][/url] Anne in Ohio
  • I think you may be right or I'm due to be committed also. My daughter's father-in-law turned out to be "validly odd". Very true. Anne in Ohio
    in Anagrams Comment by AnneHa January 2006
  • Good one! As for the question - well, most likely not. I've been married to my husband for 34 years and I don't think I'd have the energy to start anew. But, you never know. Anne in Ohio
  • I like the corporate mission statements that are brief but say a lot, like Chick-fil-A ("We sell chicken") or Disneyworld ("Happiest place on earth"). Anne in Ohio
  • I didn't get it either, but our 20-something Admin Asst immediately said, "smokes weed." Anne in Ohio
  • I found this one, but it only goes up to June 2004. Maybe you can copy and paste the photo into your profile. [url][/url] Anne in Ohio
  • This morning I saw the gas price changing as I drove by: $3.09/gallon. Of course, I'll get it for $2.89/gallon with my Kroger card. But still, I'm looking at over $40.00 to fill a standard sedan. Anne in Ohio
  • He's appearing at the Texas Music Festival in Winnsboro, TX on September 17. Anne in Ohio
  • In the version I saw, hell isn't frozen because Theresa was still holding out. Anne in Ohio
  • ESTJ Thanks for the explanation of 'J'. I never considered myself the judgement type. Anne in Ohio
    in HR types Comment by AnneHa May 2005
  • Right, SMace. And what about Ohio State in 1960? Chopped liver, I guess. Anne in Ohio
  • ...And one more for those of us from the auld sod. Brenda O'Malley is home making dinner, as usual, when Tim Finnegan arrives at her door. "Brenda, may I come in?" he asks. "I've somethin' to tell ya". "Of course you can come in, you're always we…
  • Well, this would have been '78 or '79. I think he got that toolset when he was three. And no, I can't imageine this happening today. Our mail carrier who is friendly and reliable moves like a flash. Times have changed! Anne in Ohio
  • I have had my share of frustrations with the personnel in the post office building, but our mail carriers have been great! When my son was young, he continually dismantled toys, receptacles, and anything else he could get away with – all with his p…
  • a)Go away. I'm all right. – HG Wells b) Lord help my poor soul. Poe c) I've had eighteen straight whiskies, I think that's the record...Dylan Thomas d) Why not? Yeah. Timothy Leary e) Go on, get out - last words are for fools who haven't said enou…
  • 1. a river 2. 13 3. because you have $1898.00 instead of $1897.00 4. ? 5. she's a preacher 6. house numbers Anne in Ohio
  • My experience mirrors mushroom's but I was in the long line and two precincts had no line. The poll worker told me that those precincts had 120 and 135 voters respectively and that mine had 750! Time to take a look at this! Anne in Ohio
  • That was here in Ohio. [url][/url] And-- happening elsewhere in the Buckeye state, Nader was kicked off the ballot and the Secy of State is raising hello about where people can vote and can't vote. …
  • mushroomhr is right on! I almost got kicked out of the polling place when I failed to include my middle name in my signature. Is it just Ohio or is 87 the average age of poll workers everywhere? Anne in Ohio
  • Thank you, Dasher. You are so right. This is about our individual right to express our own beliefs about how we want our country governed. Anne in Ohio
  • Another Ohio county heard from: GO SOX! Anne in Ohio
  • Wait a minute. My husband carries the long second toe gene instead of me and it hasn't elevated him to 'dominant' status. You guys will have to come up with a different theory on household dominance. Anne in Ohio
  • Spotted on the back of an old Ford pickup: On the left side of the bumper: VOTE the son-of-a BUSH OUT And on the right side: SHOW ME YOUR HOOTERS. Anne in Ohio