fundraiser name

This is not your normal HR question but I need help!  We are hosing our third annual fundraising event and need to come up with a name.  We are a not-for-profit community mental health/substance abuse agency.  Our event is held at a winery in our small town.  We have a silent auction, lots of really fun and different games to play, a local musician plays and food can be ordered.  We don't really want to promote the "winery" part of the event since we do have substance abuse services.  We thought about "An Evening Out" but that seems a bit boring.  We want the name to reflect the evening:  good times, friends, fun, celebrating, supporting our agency.  One of the good things about the event is that no tickets are sold for the event.  You just show up and stay as long as you like.    Any ideas would be appreciated.


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