Payroll Deductions for Charities

Greetings!  I have a question to throw out to the forumites!   We are currently involved with several charities and participate/donate to their causes.  Our staff would like us to offer payroll deduction for 3 or 4 large charities we have a relationship with.   Has anyone done this?  I'm stumped because my understanding is all deductions must be authorized individually - we do this for the United Way and it comes out for a year but it's not indiviudally authorized - they sign one form that was created by United Way - any ideas or sample forms I could use? 




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  • At my organization, we offer the employees the option to have a payroll deduction for donations.  It is completely optional and there is a form they sign and designate the amount they want deducted per pay period.  The company also matches donations.  We call it the Helping Hands Committee.  Every quarter we hold a meeting w/ the "Committee" (ee's that have payroll deductions for donations) to review all of the donation requests we've received, the amount available for donation, and select which organizations to donate to and how much.  It seems to work well and also has promoted the company within the community in a very positive way. Hope this helps!
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