Creating and Implementing an Employee-Led Community Service Committee

Hi All,

I'm creating an employee-led community service committee for my company. I know how I would like to execute the committee and events, but am looking for help regarding questions our HR department brought up. The committee will comprise of 10-15 individuals that will organize events and fundraisers for the company.

Risk/Liability - Company liability when traveling to events or participating in events?

Recognition - Point system to recognize participation; what about recognizing employees that have volunteered in the past or on their own? 

Sustainability - How to develop a committee that will be sustainable yet allow others to participate? (Rotating members, etc...)

Any other details you have that would help in the development and implementation of this program would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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  • GiveBack-

     As part of an HR initiative I created a team of assocaites called the "Success Team".  This team was composed of associates from various work locations of the company.  I appreciate what you are trying to do so to your questions:

    Risk/Liability - Depends.  If it is for work that these individuals are performing these tasks then you should look into your coverage on your Workers Comp (if you are a subscriber).  Depending on the functions, most plans will cover this if their inherit job responsibilities are considered part of their job or an extension of.

    Recognition - We used a system called "Shooting for the Stars" which was an internal nomination system based on when the associates saw another associate or member of the team going "above and beyond".  Each member was rewarded a "Star Buck" (watch the name, no infringement!) that could in turn be submitted to me, the team lead, for prizes.  Each Star Buck was valued at a different level of prize with the max being 4 receiving gift cards, massage, sports tickets, etc.

    Sustainability - As a member, they received benefits to entice participation.  Some benefits included lunch meetings, paid day off, etc.  This enticed other to want to join but we had a limit of 10.  Therefore, we held open nominations and voting much like a Presidential election in which you could nominate someone or yourself.  We rotated all members, unless re-elected, every 6 months.  worked great!  Max re-elect was 1 so that longest they could stay on was one year.

    Last tip--have one central mind to control it.  One with the veto--popular vote does not always end up so popular.  This one mind should stay neutral, essentially the 11th man in our group.  He was me, and it was not easy at times but it is essential to the groups success.

    Hope this helps.  Good luck!

  • Sorry - Guess I should have clarified what my team was for--

    Essentially the same as yours.  To positively influence the community by giving back, holding local fundraisers, participating in Turkey dinners, Christmas for Children, Blue Santa, aid Katrina victims, etc. etc.  We also turned our attention internally to create positive events for the company.  We put together and held a "Knights of the Square Table" event that was just a blast for all associates. 

    Forgive my spelling errors as I have been burning through the keys today. 

  • I like the "Star Bucks".............ours are called "Golden Nuggets"  [:D]
  • Thank you for the great information! I really appreciate it.

     Any others have similar examples to share?

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