Masters in HR or Employment Law for re-entering work force?

I am considering going back to school after being out of the work force for 8 years and would greatly appreciate advice from those currently in the HR field.

Brief background:

Two years experience as an HR Assistant/HR Coordinator.  Office consisted of myself and the HR Director, an extremely talented and knowledgeable woman who taught me more in two years than many people learn in 5 or 6.

Two years working at the U of Michigan Career Services Center.  Network administration, employer and student advising re: recruiting issues, presentations, staff training, Director's "Right Hand", etc.

 One year as Campus Recruiter for consulting company; territory included 4 states.  

After the Campus Recruiting division was eliminated, I returned to school full time to finish my BS in Organization Administration.  We then had children and I have been a stay-at-home-mom for the past 7 years.  

My experience in HR is not nearly as extensive as I would have liked. I anticipate a very difficult time returning to the field when my last child enters school in a few years.  Therefore, I have been considering returning to school. I am conflicted as to which is the best path for me with regard to educational options.  I am considering getting either

 1) Master of Science (NOT an MBA) in Human Resources Management to round out my somewhat limited experiences.  Although, there are many classes that are required that just do not interest me, and my real interest (employment law) would not be covered in the depth that I would like.


2) Masters of Science in Employment Law.  I am *really* interested in and fascinated by this topic, although I'm not sure what my employment options would be since this is focused on one specific area of HR.

 Although I LOVED my position as a Campus Recruiter and would go back to that in a heartbeat if given the chance, I don't expect to see too many opportunities like that in this economy. So...any advice?

 Thanks in advance, Tami 


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