Salary Surveys for Digital Media & Web 2.0 Positions

I am having trouble locating salary benchmarking information for digital media positions.  I know HR.BLR has a great benchmarking tool, but it does not include many if any digital media jobs.  Does anyone have any suggestions of where to find benchmarking data for these roles?

Thank you.


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  • Watson Wyatt has multiple
    surveys that may be helpful. I would suggest you look at the
    Internet/e-Commerce Development grouping with their Information Technology and
    e-Commerce Personnel Compensation Survey. Benchmarked titles listed are:
    e-Business Manager, Web Site Manager, Web Developer, Web Administrator,
    Webmaster, Web Security Manager, e-Commerce Business Analyst, Senior e-Commerce
    Business Analyst, e-Commerce Programmer, Senior e-Commerce Programmer, Java
    Developer, Senior Java Developer, Web Site Engineer Internet/Database
    Architect, Senior Internet/Database Architect, Web Site Content Manager, Web
    Author, and Web Site Artist/Layout Editor.

    They also have a
    Creative Services section that list the follow titles: Director, Art
    Manager, Art
    Services Supervisor, Marketing
    Communications Manager, Marketing
    Communications Supervisor, Marketing
    Communications Specialist , Editor,
    Design Specialist (Computer-Assisted), Photographer,
    Manager, Exhibit/Display
    Coordinator, Print
    Production Manager, and
    Production Coordinator.




  • You might check out  I have an article dated May/June of 06 that had some compensation amounts listed. I am betting that the 08 numbers will be out now or soon.  And here is a directly link to one salary survey:  which leads to


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