Pre-employment Personality Profile Assessments

We currently use a CPP (Comprehensive Personality Profile) test as part of our hiring process.  We would like to look at vendors other than the one we are currently using.  Can anyone recommend a vendor, or vendors, you've used?  Our company does medical collections and billing.  Any vendors who do personality assessments for those types of positions?  Thank you.


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  • Straight personality tests must be validated to determine if there are personality characteristics that it measures that discriminates between high and low performing employees.

    Other tests makers claim to have already undertaken that process with their test for your specific environment or a specific job or set of jobs in your environment.

    Which are you looking for?  Do you have an email address at which I can contact you?

  • We use at our company and have been very happy with it. It gives us a fairly accurate insight into a person's personality, strengths and weaknesses. I would recommend it to any company.
  • Our company uses the Predictive Index (PI) with very good success.  We administer the two-page questionnaire and then network with another local company for them to process it and provide results.  Not only does the PI address self-confidence, motivation, and behavior, it gives a fairly accurate read on what types of jobs for which the individual is well suited.

    There are various regions in the U.S. that market the product, but you can get more information from:

  • Are you still in this search process for a good tool? If so I can direct you to a new tool out there with remarkable results.
  • A great tool we've used is Harrison Assessments which is an online questionnaire an applicant takes (about 25 min. to complete) and then reports are run that match that person against a specific job template that is either a generic type of job (such as Middle Manager, for example) or a customized template that is easily constructed to fit the open position.  The Harrison is a "suitability" test -- based on preferences and includes personality dimensions, but is not a personality test per se.  The beauty of it is that you can isolate specific traits that lead to success on a particular job.  They have reps all over the world who distribute it, but their website is and you can ask for a rep in your part of the country to call you.
  • Another really good - and simple - profile assessment is the DiSC profile. Short and to the point, but with accurate depictions of where their strengths and weaknesses are. We pay a LOT of money for each profile assessment taken online, but we pay nothing for the DiSC assessments.
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