Loking for a good study group/networking group in East Texas

I have 2 yrs Transportation HR experience and last year I was offered a position by a government contractor in East Texas.. Its a great job, but I feel that I am lacking in some of the areas I need to be more comfortable in.  I have joined my local SHRM chapter, but dont feel I am getting what I need from it.. Any suggestions on other avenues or website for Government Conractor HR information?   swaugh@m2services.org


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  • Being a gubmint contractor adds some additional stuff to the day-to-day work.  For instance, you are probably required to have an Affirmative Actin Plan.  If you've never written one before, check out training times at your local Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.  It wont be cheap or conveniently scheduled, but it will tell you what the DOL is expecting from you.  BLR's AAP kit is also quite good.

    Additionally, if you look at local employment law firms, you will find out that they are doing legal updates on a regular basis and these kinds of sessions generally do a good job of explaining the specifics of government contractor and government employer obligations.  There are a variety of special exceptions and special obligations that pply to public employers and contractors that you will want to be aware of and about which I don't know the details!

    The trick is to get your employer to pay for these training sessions.

  • Hi Shelli:

    For other government contractor EEO and affirmative obligations, you might also want to check out the OFCCP's website at http://www.dol.gov/esa/ofccp/TAguides/sbguide.htm. OFCCP is the government agency that enforces the affirmative action rules for government contractors.

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