Giving Gifts to Co-workers

It's that time of year again when somene inevitably gives you a gift....and you don't have one for them. How should you handle this - go out and buy them one? Is there such a thing as a no gift giving policy? That way no one is embarrassed - of course the company might be considered a grinch!

Any thoughts on this?


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  • Sometimes people just give and expect nothing in return as they may just appreciate you, so a thank you will more than suffice. If they gave you out of some self made obligation and do expect something in return. Well, a thank you will more than suffice.




  • This is such a touchy area.  We had an employee here that wanted to collect money for the employees to buy something for the owners.  I had some employees coming to me saying that they didn't want or didn't have the means to participate and felt they were being pressured to participate.  The idea was ultimately dropped but I think feelings were hurt in the process.  I am of the opinion that if you want to give a gift then you give it because you want to and not because you expect anything in return.  If someone gives you a gift and you want to give them one back then do so.  If you hadn't planned on giving them a gift then the thank you note would be appropriate.  Unfortunately I think this festive time of year turns into a lot of feelings being hurt because people see and do things differently.

     I don't think I would go so far as to have a no gift-giving policy.  If things are getting that bad then maybe a meeting needs to be called to say that if you want to give a gift then do so but there is no obligation for the person to give a gift in return. 

  • I agree with Praise. Just say thanks and leave it at that. If one of your co-workers unilaterally decides to give you something out of the blue, there's no way you could have expected to have to reciprocate. A simple thank you is enough. :)
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