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I have had several employees express interest in working flex hours instead of the standard 8-5 which everyone is on currently.  I think this would benefit both the employees and the company, especially during our busy time - 1st Qtr.  The owner, who is the person that needs to approve this, is from an older generation and not always ready and willing to adopt new ideas.  I'm looking for anyone who might have flex hours in place and can give me some benefits & drawbacks that you've seen in your company.



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  • flexible schedules will help attract and retain top employees which will lower costs.  depending on your business they might also help provide better service to your customers by having employees in the office at different hours than the typical business hours. one of the problems comes when you want all of the employees in one place at the same time (e.g. team projects and scheduling meetings).
  • If you assure your owner that employees will be there during "core" hours or for required meetings/training sessions, it should win him over.

    One caveat--when determining who will be allowed to work flex hours, be sure you do so by a written set of qualifiers or you may be accused of favoring certain employees over others--and a lot of resentment can result.

  • I am a baby Boomer, tand a formere Manager. I needed more balance and was to young for benefits from the goverment to stop working all together. I work only to get benefits. The company that I am presently working for ,policy states you have to work 30 hours to get benefits. I work only 30 hours 7:30 am to 1:30 pm. no lunch. I am able to have quality time to take care of my mom who is 92 in December and still be able to see my grand kids before dark. The company was glad to get my services and use my experience.

    I read alot about the majority or workers are Baby Boomers, companies are going to have to change to adapt to OUR life styles.

  • We offer flex hours here. It can be a lot to manage! Basically we have people that work all kinds of shifts....we have 2 days per week, 3days per week, 4 days per week, people limited by social security....it works out nicely.  We are flexible with total hours but require people to work the same days of the week...that allows us to schedule effectively.  We have a lot of good workers.  Also sometimes our part-timers are our better employees because when they are here there here to work!  Just remember it's OK to be flexible as long as you're fair!
  • Hey, don't automatically think members of the "older generation" wouldn't understand the need for flex hours--they have work/family commitments, too.

    And I wouldn't knock the boss for being a Boomer--didn't you ever hear of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act!

  • The way I read the original poster, I got the feeling that the statement about being from an "older generation" was more from practical experience of working with this specific person.  I've been there, so I can sympathize.  The former owner of the company I am with definately belonged to the stero-typical "Good Old Boys Network" and I had to learn how to manuever my way around.  But I certainly would not assume that of all owners in their 70s.
  • Hey, I was joking around about the ADEA.

    However, the comment about the "older generation" seemed stereotypical, especially from someone in HR.

  • I only used the term "older generation" because that's what HE calls himself, and admits that he's not too keen on some of the newer perks being offered to people.  I was certainly not trying to offend anyone or be sterotypical.

    Thanks for all the suggestions!

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