Need Advice to Convince CEO of Pay Change

Hi, everyone.  We currently pay our employees on the 1st and 15th of each month.  I would like to convince the boss that transitioning to every other Friday would be a benefit and a welcomed changed to our employees.  I understand the two additional processing periods and the slight reduction per pay, but in conversation, our employees want this.  I just need some extra ideas for convincing our boss.  Any help is appreciated. 


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  • That could be a difficult one, but it seems with it being of great interest to your employees that the CEO may be willing to work with you on this. You may want to consider some of his concerns that he/she may present when you try to convince them. For any employees currently with wage garnishments it will be necessary to recalculate the rates that will be taken out each pay period. Also, you will have to recalculate any amounts taken out for insurance benefits at your company. Also, don't forget to update on your Labor Poster the new changes to the payroll dates and times as this is required. Good Luck!
  • Don't know if this is applicable to your company, but changing from semi-monthly to bi-weekly will make OT calculations easier.  Good luck and hope it works out!
  • Personally, I see a long uphill battle on this one.  CEO's like to save money.  The best way to make this change happen is show your CEO how you can save the company money.  

    Before you go down this road, I would strongly encourage you to think things over very clearly and ask yourself every possible question, and get the answer for that question.  I know it's nice to make employees happy, but will you really be makeing everyone happy?  Does everyone truly want this, or just a few of the more vocal employees?  Are you ready for the extra work involved in processing the payrolls?  Is your company willing to spend the extra money on this if necessary?  Prepare yourself for the questions your CEO will ask, this way your meeting will be more successful. 

    Good luck!

  • We pay employees every other week now. One issue that comes up every year is that there are two months with three payrolls and this makes expenses in these months much higher than other months. In addition, because of the way the pay periods fall between 2007 and 2008, there will be three months in 2008 with 3 payrolls. This is a big issue for budgeting expenses and profits next year. Something you will want to anticipate when making the case to the CEO.
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