Does anyone know?

Hi friends,
I an employer and I just want to verify an employee's birth information. I’m looking for actual birth certificates of each and every employee. So is there anybody who can help me? Any idea will be highly appreciated!


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  • Firstly you just tell me that what type of certificate you
    need? Anyway here is site called [url=]
    birthrecordsonline. [/url] It’s provides online birth record verification where
    you can get help. If you want any more help please let me know.

    All the best!


  • You won't be able to get actual birth certificates unless you require your employees to provide a certified copy.  You can get birth records from background checks from many area on the internet a simple search will give you lots of options.  One thing to be careful about is that you have signatures from your employees giving them permission to do a background check. Most of the time it is on the application when they first applied to your company.  If that is not on your company application or if some applications are old, I suggest getting legal advice on what exactly you can and cannot do in your state.   
  • I guess I would ask why you need this information. As far as I know, you cannot require an employee to produce a birth certificate (for I-9 purposes), and other than certification of parental status for a FMLA request, I can't think of a valid reason you would need a birth certificate. It also raises tons of issues with age discrimination and possibly national origin discrimination. Tread carefully here . . .



  • I agree with hr410, this is asking for a national origin claim. not only that, but asking about an applicant's age may give the impression that your company wants to hire people of a certain age and can leave you open to age claims
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