Informing Employees Their Co-worker Has Been Terminated

I'd like some feedback on what to say to employees whose co-worker has just been terminated.  I know this situation can be a sensitive one and can cause other employees to feel uncomfortable.


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  • I think it's important to let co-workers know that their colleague has been let go, and reassure them that the termination is not indicative of things to come, i.e., not part of a plans to start laying off more workers (if that's the case). This will put employees at ease and help any morale problems. But, I wouldn't really say anything about why the employee was fired. Co-workers don't need that type of information, and it might be seen as bad-mouthing the ex-employee.
  • Definitely don't get into the details. But you can tell them that the coworker is no longer with the company, what your plans are for filling the role, and make them feel assured that it will not affect their positions in the company. Often, teammates will have had a bad experience with the terminated employee and will have a hunch as to what has happened.
  • Whenever we loss an employee, we communicate that to all employees through the company.  We send an email blast at the end of each week to all employees notifying them of employees no longer with the company.  This accomplishes multiple things: 1)allows all employees to know who is here and who is not, 2)increases safety and reinforces our policy about vistors and people with our secruity badges, and 3)gives employees an open opportunity to disucss with managers and HR (if needed) any feelings about the open position and the business as a whole.

    It's not neccessary to communicate the details about the termination and up to the department manager of the terminated employee to fully communicate how the job responsibilies are going to be handled in the absence of the employee.  Notifying employees of terminated employees has never sparked a mass-resignation from other employees who feel "jumpping ship" is the solution.  Our turnover rate has never been seen as a negative towards the company from other employees.  They tend to not be effected by the termination, either voluntary and involuntary, of another employee. 

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