Hiring a Recruiter

My boss has tasked me with sitting in on the interviews with a few potential recruiters.  Anyone ahve any sample questions that would be fitting for me to ask?


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  • Having been in recruitment myself for over 11 years, here are a few suggestions on what to look for:

    1. What types of positions/skill sets have they had experience recruiting previously?
    2. What was their average req (requisition) load? How did they juggle a busy req load and still provide great customer service?
    3. What types of creative sources did they use to find candidates for hard to fill positions?
    4. Do they network and seek out referrals?
    5. Are they proficient with internet recruiting/sourcing? Examples?
    6. Can they provide an example of a time when they provided excellent customer service to a hiring leader who was difficult to work with?

    In general, you want to look for a recruiter who takes ownership and treats their hiring leaders as "clients" or customers. They must be able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of personalities, and be able to smooth out tensions when they arise. They must also have a keen sense of what to look for in candidates.You might do well to select someone who has worked in a recruitment agency setting before (not necessary, but helpful). They receive excellent training in customer service, have a sense of urgency and tend to be very self motivated.

    Good luck in your search!

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