Holiday Pay

Currently we pay our employees Holiday pay if they attend work the day b4 and the day after the holiday.  This is normal.  The other limitation we put on it is that each employee must be here in attendance at least 29.5 hours per week for 13 weeks prior to the holiday.  This policy makes sense as an incentive to get people to work but is causing a lot of dissatisfaction for employees as well as extra work for the payroll dept.  I have been in my HR role for only a year.  Is this a common practice or would any of you have a better, friendlier option.  Of course the other stipulation to get holiday pay is that you have to be out of your 90 day prob. period.



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  • We also make sure all employees work the day before/after the holiday.  However we do not have the extra clause where they need to work an average for 13 weeks prior to the holiday (that would be a nightmare to track and manage).    Personally I would take just that part out and leave the rest.
  • At our company we define full time employees as those working at least 36 hours per week.  Part time as working more than 25 hours per week.  And flex for those under 25 hours per week.  Holiday pay is available to full time, and on a limited basis to part time employees.

     Under the policy for employee status, we have a disclaimer that an employee that does not meet the minimum requirement for a 90 day period will be subject to a change of status, with possible loss of benefits.  We run this report once a quarter for the prior quarter.  So a full time employee that only averaged 32 hours per week would be dropped to part time status and offered COBRA for their benefits (health insurance only offered to full time).  That employee would then have to maintain an average above 36 to regain full time status the next time we ran the report.

  • Currently we do not have a waiting period for holidays, employees do not have to work the day b4 or after a holiday. It falls on the supervisor to make sure that their employees are eligible to take a holidays. Our policy also allows the employee to take holidays 30 days before or after and they do not have to be out of their  prob period. 

  • Our holiday pay policy states that "If you are a full-time or part-time employee and have worked for a minimum of 30 calendar days, you are eligible for paid holidays.  In order to qualify for holiday pay, you must work the day before, or the last scheduled day before, and the day after, or the next scheduled day after the holiday.  The only exceptions to this rule will be an excused absence (including sick days), approved by your department head, or if the holiday falls during your approved vacation period.  If your are not scheduled to work on the day on which the holiday falls, you are entitled to take an alternative holiday within the following two weeks.  The supervisors are responsible for scheduling and tracking alternative holidays.
  • Thank you for your is a nightmare.
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