No Match Letters

Does anyone have a policy in place to deal with no-match letters? If so, would you be willing to share? Thanks in advance!


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  • It is not so much a policy but a practice.

    When we receive the no match letter we check the information on the letter against our information to ensure we did not make an error in entering the data.

    Once we find this is not the case then we call in the employee & inform them of the no match letter and ask them to verify the information we have on them.  If they confirm we have the right information we request they go to their nearest ss office and resolve this issue. 

    We do not suspend or terminate unless they are unable to provide proof they have resolved the discrepancy.  Should they bring us a corrected letter from ss we verify this information by calling  the SS number we have 1 800 772 6270.  Once this has been done we retain a record of this along with the employees I-9 information in the separate binder that we keep for this purpose.

    I hope this helps you.

  • Thanks Bibi - this is exactly what I needed!
  • Hi, I read your information and this is something that we are just starting to do.  Do you use a standard form to record all of the steps that you took to resolve the issue or is it just various notations that are made?  We are trying to decide if we should create a form for this specific purpose.

    Thank you


  • Jackie,

    We have run into the 'no match' issue occaisonally,and I think that post 911 internationals get 'flagged' after this occurance (purely speculation) which mat delay the process further. We simply document the steps we have taken with our background checking service to resolve. If you have a great number of these 'no matches''re in HR, so create a form!




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