Popcorn Friend or Foe?

Hey, our employees are in an uproar!

All over the morning news is the story about the dangers of buttered microwave popcorn.

Then I walk into our lunchroom, and someone had left an opened supersize box of the stuff with a sticky saying "Free"

Hope it was a joke. 

Or do workers have so little regard for colleagues that they would let others eat something they wouldn't themselves?

This is the talk of our workplace this morning.  Hope the "culprit" is ready to do some explaining!


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  • What's this you are talking about? Is POPCORN now dangerous???
  • A doctor in Denver sent a letter to the FDA claiming that someone who ate microwave popcorn multiple times per day developed lung disease.  The culprit, apparently, is a chemical added to make the popcorn taste "buttery".  There must be something to the claim, because ConAgra Foods, who is the largest maker of microwave popcorn, has announced it will eliminate the chemical from it's popcorn within the next year.

     Sounds like your co-worker decided microwave popcorn was too unhealthy for them....but apparently not for you!

  • This has actually been a newsworthy item for a number of months now on cable news, in fact it could have been up to a year ago that I heard about it.  The local news channels have just picked up on it like it was a brand new item. 

    Every time someone has microwaved popcorn in the office I have cringed and I'm now glad that it is finally hitting all the air waves.  I don't think everyone will get on board and stop making this but some will think twice now before they do.

  • you'll have to give us an update on whether anyone snagged the free popcorn.
  • You have to remember, that these are the same people who made a major news story out of the "great earthquake" along the New Madrid fault in the late 80's or early 90's because some quack predicted it through visions or something... and then of course there is the great bird flu pandemic, and on and on.  Apparently they forgot about the hundreds of people who choked to death on hot dogs last year or grapes or any number of other things.  That's not news worthy enough because it's so common or because those folks just didn't matter I guess.  But one person who huffs popcorn butter aroma... now that's news!
  • I doubt anyone would get lung disease from the occasional bag of popcorn being popped at work. But perhaps the all natural brands like Newman's Own or Bearitos don't have the harm-causing chemical. Not sure, but it's worth a look.
  • I think the "culprit" has a great sense of humor! Anyone offended doesn't have to partake. The guy in the news story ate mass quantities of the stuff. Cookies and doughnuts are awful for you but I've never seen anyone offended when they are offered,despite the regular drumbeat of warnings about transfats, obesity, etc. We all pick our poisons.
  •      This story began with the workers who prepared and bagged microwave popcorn. They were not using proper PPE and breathed in the dry ingredients. These are the people getting sick.
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