Annoying Workplace Habits

I read on yahoo today that the most annoying workplace habit are "loud talkers" - those people who are always talking on their cell, etc., about personal stuff. It got me thinking...what are some other annoying workplace habits?


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  • How about messy/smelly work spaces? Compulsive, repetitive bodily noises (ie clearing throat, nose blowing, sighing loudly)? Negative gossip and unwarranted criticism? Just to name a few.
  • I think loud talkers are right up there.  People now talk on their cell phones everywhere.  They aren't even afraid to argue over the phone in front of other people.  I see and hear people talking on the phone (loudly) about personal matters at work, at the gym, and even in bathrooms.  Don't these people ever want a "buffer zone" between different parts of their lives?
  • I'm with you Jake - compulsive loud throat clearers drive me up the wall...

  • I'm with you all the way.  Another annoying habit is that they ignore the fact that just because they are taking a break, doesn't mean that those around them are also taking a break.  These same people have gotten upset when someone walks by and is talking while they are trying to work.
  • It makes me crazy when people listen to music on headsets but drum, hum and otherwise keep time with what they're listening to.  I guess I should be glad they don't sing out loud!
  • I don't like listening to people chew loudly in the next cube!
  • Heavy breathers and close talkers drive me nuts....
  • Why is it that when people take cell phone calls at work (which are personal calls 99% of the time, of course) they talk twice as loud as they would if they were on a "land" line or talking to a colleague? It drives me nuts, as does hearing their ring tones going off (at a volume that's too high). The worst is when the cell phone is ringing at their desk--and they're not there to answer it!


  • i was embarrassed last week when my cell phone rang in the office.  it was the first time i have ever been guilty of that crime  (i shut my phone off during work or leave it in my car). i have one of those annoying "song" ring tones too.
  • Where I work, I hire over 600 seasonal employees annually. You would not believe the stories.

     But to stay within topic, I have developed a few names for a few of these "habitual flatterers."


    "Mouthbreathers" - Tongue, teeth, deep breaths, all seen and heard.

    "Touchy-Feelies" - They just can't wait to put their hands all over you for "emphasis!" when speaking.

    "Too-Stupid-To-Live" - My boss's favorite. Self explanitory.

     The "Duh-head" - This can apply to the "ditz" at the front desk, the "dope" who only works there because his father owns the joint,  or any general idiot.

    The "Groper" - Constantly "kickin-it" to the ladies. May also apply to the guy who constantly passes by your desk or peeks into your office constantly thinking of something to say for the sake avoiding his responsibilities.

    "Sup" - This is the guy at work that you never interact with in all of the years you know him, but no matter how many times you see him on any given day, he will acknowledge you by saying "Sup" anytime, and anywhere.

     Can't think of any more at the moment, but there are more. I will come back later.

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