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We have a temporary employee that just started on Tuesday of this week.  He hopes to become a full-time hire.  In front of the department supervisor he asked a co-worker what the vacation benefits were like if he were hired.  The co-worker explained the benefit and the temp employee says "You need a union here".  We are a small privately owned company and that is the last thing we need.  I'm tempted to call the temp service and have him removed as just not being a good fit.  Thoughts?




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  • Hey CJ -

    You may have a problem if you try to get rid of this employee. Under federal labor law, employers can't keep workers from discussing their wages or other terms or conditions of employment. If you get rid of this worker because of the conversation he had about vacation time or his comment about a union, you may be committingan "unfair labor practice." You can express your opinion on unionization as long as you don't threaten your employees or promise something to them. So, you can ask why the worker feels the need for a union and why the employer believes a union would not be useful or beneficial.

    While certain ees are not covered by labor law, temps are not mentioned in the list of exclusions - so you're probably better safe than sorry. Good luck!

  • I totally agree with countrygirl.  Also, because this person has just started, I would watch to see how they are "fitting" into the job and document any negatives and/or positives that you might see.   


  • I agree with both replies to an extent.  However, temporary staff that ruffle feathers within client sites, need to go.  There may be a reason that they are working contract and not direct for another employer.  As a former Corporate HR Director and Director with a large staffing firm, we would want to know about "problem" employees such as this and correct the problem.  Who knows how many other work environments they have cause friction. 
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