harrassment investigation

We are a small office in Massachusetts (approx. 25 people).  There has been a second complaint of behaviour that can only be classified as sexual harrassement - same parties, a supervisor and his assistant, who is is a young woman.

The first one was investigated by me, the office manager/HR person.  It seemed as if it were a misunderstanding, and in fact the 2 people continued to work together comfortably, it seemed.  But, apparently, 6 months later, the behaviour hasn't stopped, and from the report I got, it seems worse.  Now I'm finding out that certain specifics (or at least one) wasn't mentioned the first time around. 

 Anyway, my boss (the owner of the company) feels that neither he nor I can be unbiased in this.  (For my part, I agree)  So he's asked me if I can find an outside investigator for this.  Can anyone tell me where I would find such a person?  I've called the company we use for background checks when hiring, and I haven't heard back from them yet, but this seems a little different somehow.



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