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We are getting ready to make an offer to a Business Development candidate.  The comp packages are all over the place for BD people. I would appreciate it if you could give me a general idea of what other companies are offering (base + bonus) or if you have a good source for BD comp information.

Thanks so much.


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  • This is a tough question to answer without a great deal more information. The pay and bonus potential for someone in a business development job would vary widely depending on industry, geographic location, and level. BDOs working on large commercial transactions are likely going to be paid a great deal more than those working in other types of sales jobs. You might try looking at some job search sites and comparing the descriptions and locations to see if you can pin this down. I did a quick search and came up with the following links: Lending Officer
     You might also check with professional organizations in your industry. They often conduct surveys or have compensation information available.
  • Amyxinc,

    This is a great question.  Your search may have turned up results that are all over the place because there are so many factors that go into developing a comp package. 

    In order to estimate what a general offer might be, more details are definitely needed. 

    Some questions that you need to answer in order to determine an appropriate package include:  What is the pay market data telling you both external and internal to your company?  What performance measures do you usually use when developing a comp package?  What industry are you in?  Where is your company located?  Which department is the business development candidate going to work in...(I'm assuming in sales?) and at what level (executive?)  How does your base pay compare to the other programs your company offers, such as bonuses, supplemental benefits, and perquisites? 

    Good luck! 


  • Kate -

    Thanks for the info.  I have list of professional organizations to contact.  It is very hard to even get a idea of the bonus/comm structure for BD positions.  We are a small government contractor in No. VA working mostly DoD contracts.  Our focus is Program Integration, Strategic Planning and Implementation, Program and Project Management, Enterprise Architecture, Logistics and Supply Chain Information Management, Business Process Improvement. 

    We know we have to play with the big boys when it comes to comp., but it is hard when you can't even get a sense on what they are offering.

    Thanks again. 

    If anyone else has an idea or info.  I would be most appreciative.


  • The National Contract Management Association conducts their own salary surveys in the industry (see: They may have a survey that includes BD positions.
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