Pregnant Employees

One of my salespersons is pregnant.  Her doctor has told her to restrict her travel.  Do employers have to accomodate pregnant employees in this situation?


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  • It has been my experience that if a Doctor restricts a pregnant woman (or anyone else for that matter for a short period of time) from certain activities that the Employer should try to make every accomodation possible.  In your case if travel is a large part of her job then maybe a temporary change of duties could be arranged without diminishing her position.  If that is not possible and the accomodation would jeapordize the Company then other options would have to be explored, keeping in mind that she has a medical condition, and trying to work out something that will benefit both the Company and the Employee.  If travel is not a large part of her job then the accomodation would be a minor inconvenience for the Company. 
  • The EEOC says that "if an employee is temporarily unable to perform her job due to pregnancy, the
    employer must treat her the same as any other temporarily disabled employee; for
    example, by providing modified tasks, alternative assignments, disability leave
    or leave without pay." Also, an employee who suffers from severe pregnancy-related complications may be covered by the ADA under some circumstances.
  • Good points.  Also keep in mind that pregnant employees who experience medical complications may also apply for intermittent FMLA to protect their jobs prior to going out on maternity leave.
  • I would also look at your state pregnancy/sex discrimination statute. For instance, Connecticut has an accommodation provision written right into their pregnancy discrimination statute.
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